Cooperative Leader Resources

This page is designed specifically for cooperative leaders.

Example Flyers and Letters


QDM Cooperatives: All the Cool Kids are doing it

Deer Hunters in QDM Cooperatives Enjoy Higher Satisfaction

Kip’s Korner: Start a QDM Cooperative

7 Steps to a Successful Cooperative

How to Establish a QDM Cooperative

A video by Kip Adams discussing how to organize a cooperative

Cooperative Blogs – by Anna

Chronic Wasting Disease

Agency Handouts

Deer Browse Impact Study

Pheasant Cooperatives

Crowing Counts


Cooperative forms, map, activity tracking, acres of nesting cover, winter cover, brooding cover, etc.

-online option where others can see what other cooperatives are doing too.

-link within the cooperative map narrative where data can be collected, have a new page where data can be collected and coop leaders can see the activities and reports of what other  cooperative are doing, how big they are…