ALERT: Protect Your Hunting Rights with SB 288 & 289!

We need your help to pass legislation protecting scientific wildlife management and the right to hunt, fish and trap from out-of-state anti-hunters. The Scientific Wildlife Management package (Senate Bills 288 & 289 and House Bills 4552 & 4553) will:

  • Establish a right to hunt, fish and trap in state law.
  •  Allow the Natural Resources Commission to designate game species and issue fisheries orders.
  • Provide $1 million in conservation funding for fish and game management and research.
  • Provide free licenses to active-duty members of the military.
The anti-hunters, led by the Washington, D.C.-based Humane Society of the United States, are attacking SB 288 & 289 because they mean they won’t be able buy their way onto Michigan’s ballot to take away any more hunting rights. They’re even telling their members that SB 288 & 289 will lead to “dog, cat and horse” hunting, just as they lied about the wolf management law by telling people it would lead to “aerial gunning from helicopters.” And they’re repeating these lies to your legislators.

In 1996, hunters, anglers and trappers banded together and passed Proposal G to manage wildlife using sound science and defeat the anti-hunters’ attempt to limit bear hunting rights. In 2006, we were silent and the anti’s took away our rights to hunt doves. Now they’re back, like a wolf that’s lost its fear of humans, to attack your hunting rights one by oneWhat happens now is up to you.

Please call your state representative and state senator and tell them you support SB 288 & 289. Don’t let the anti-hunters be the only ones your legislators hear from!
  • Bruce Welnetz

    As a long time supporter of MUCC, I believe you are taking an extreme view – these are 2 separate bills. SB 289 declares the right to hunt/fish (why not trapping?) but the bill isn’t even necessary. On the other hand SB 288 gives utmost power to an unelected board, only one member even has a natural resource background and removes the rights of citizens to challenge their decisions. It could be a sheep in wolf’s clothing bill!

    • Drew YoungeDyke

      Since its founding in 1937, MUCC has promoted and protected the commission form of natural resources management as a way to separate politics from conservation. Proposal G further defines the NRC’s responsibilities to use sound science in its decisions, and SB 288 extends that sound science mandate to game designation and fisheries orders. Rather than giving “utmost power to an unelected board,” this bill is the only way to ensure that game designation decisions are made using sound science by allowing those decisions to be made by the only decision-making body required to use sound science.

    • Dazed and Contused

      These bills are nothing more than a power grab by Lansing to appease a lunatic minority who want all the public land in Michigan to themselves as their own private killing fields. The people who wrote these bills and their cohorts are of no value to society. They ought to be thrown off the roof of the Renaissance Center into the Detroit River.

  • Bruce Welnetz

    No one has taken away my right to hunt, trap or fish. This is a smokescreen. Proposal G does not mandate sound science be used or even be considered. They just need to use it to the greatest extent practicable and have free reign to use biased science – that was apparent at the last meeting.