Antler Point Restriction Updates for Sept. 21-22 Deer Hunters

From a DNR press release yesterday, please take note as this may impact your upcoming Liberty/Youth Hunt with your child as well as veteran hunters with disabilities!

Sept. 18, 2013

Contact: Brent Rudolph, 517-641-4903 or Ed Golder, 517-335-3014

After a critical review of the Wildlife Conservation Order, the Department of Natural Resources has determined that ALL qualified participants in the upcoming Sept. 21-22 Liberty Hunt are exempt from antler point restrictions (APRs) in the following areas:

  • Zone 1
  • The new 12-county APR area – Emmet, Antrim, Charlevoix, Kalkaska, Grand Traverse, Benzie, Manistee, Mason, Lake, Osceola, Missaukee and Wexford counties
  • Deer management unit (DMU) 487

Previously the DNR had stated only individuals hunting under a mentored youth license were exempt from APRs during the Liberty Hunt.

The Liberty Hunt is the two-day hunt for youth (those age 16 and younger) and 100-percent disabled veterans.

APRs WILL remain in effect for all qualified Liberty Hunt participants in the following areas:

  •  DMU 045 – Leelanau County and North Fox Island
  • DMU 115 – Beaver and Garden Islands
  • DMU 117 – Drummond Island
  • DMU 122 – Norway Unit
  • DMU 135 – East Tawas

Antler point restrictions remain in effect for all hunters during the other deer hunting seasons, except for youth hunting under the mentored youth license. Hunters using a mentored youth license must adhere to antlerless-only season restrictions. Mentored youth licenses are available for hunters age 9 and younger.

The DNR apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused and wishes everyone an enjoyable hunting season.

  • Jim Walker

    The rules are so confusing any more I think I’ll just give up hunting deer. Too easy to become a criminal.

    • TPAINE

      Wow…counting is too difficult for you? Kill does and quit whining!

  • MIKE

    I hunt with my family and we spend quality time together and its great weather we get a spike or a 9 point. YOU CAN SHOVE YOUR APR’S UP YOUR A**.

    • TPAINE

      It’s “whether”….not “weather.” And if you have a good time no matter what you kill, kill some does for goodness sakes! The state is grossly over populated with does, because no matter how liberal the DNR is with permits, guys like you would still rather kill a 2.5 yesr old spike!

  • Mike

    When the anti-hunters say we are only hunting wolves for trophies you say we don’t do as hunters then turn around and support antler restrictions on deer. Sounds like double talk to me. Get rid of APR’S!!!!!

  • Line Dancin

    APRS flat out suck. In six years of setting up cams on our property in antrim county from sept through dec i have only seen one buck that was a six point. all we get are small basket racks and we are happy when we see a four point. I challenge any one that supports APRS to hunt my dads land and try and get a buck in the legal limit now being a six point. This is the first year that my family has not bought the combo licenses, just doe tags. We arent going to just donate money to the DNR. Their has to be a return on the investment we have made and this is taking it away.

    And on a second note the DNR claims special interest dosent run their decisions. Sure seems like QDM got their way.


    I believe antler restrictions should be INCREASED to mirror other states, which actually produce bucks worthy of hunting! All these whiny little girls complaining have been practically BEGGED by the DNR to harvest as many doe as they need, but they’d rather kill 1.5 year old buck, which is exactly why Michigan doesn’t compare with states such as Iowa, Ohio and Indiana. One Pope and Young buck is killed per ever 198 hunters in Iowa….in Michigan it’s one every 5, 000 hunters. Michigan is over populated with does and mature bucks are nearly extinct, because of the liberal kill tags snd still guys are whining because they kill spikes and fork horns….LOSERS!


    I recommend reducing to one buck tag per hunter, and increasing antler restrictions to 4 or more points on one side STATEWIDE! Maybe then, we’d have bucks worthy of hunters coming from other states to hunt instead of Michigan hunters having to go to other states to see a mature buck. Nobody comes from other states to hunt mature whitetails in Michigan, because we kill them when they’re 1.5 YEARS OLD!!! Michigan deer hunting sucks: millions of does; few mature bucks; no competition for breeding….everything that is contrary to QDM!