Bill Allowing Certain Rifles in Shotgun Zone Moves to Senate

Hunters and shooting sports enthusiasts are one step closer to seeing the ability to use a rifle loaded with straight walled pistol cartridges in Michigan’s shotgun zone during the firearm deer season.

In recent weeks, Michigan’s House of Representatives passed HB 4283, sponsored by Rep. Matt Lori (R-Constantine), which would allow a number of certain cartridges to be used in rifles in Michigan’s southern limited firearms area, more commonly called the “shotgun zone” during the firearm deer season. The measure seeks to bring Michigan in line with surrounding states like Indiana, and could potentially get more women and youth participating in firearm season in the shotgun zone.

Under Michigan’s current law, only shotguns, muzzle loaders, and certain pistols can be used during firearm deer season in the shotgun zone. However, according to the ammunition manufacturers’ specifications, the rifles and ammunition proposed to be added to the shotgun zone have less power, some 40-50% less, and also have less muzzle and 100 yard velocity than the shotguns and in-line muzzle loaders presently allowed in the zone.

HB 4283 was referred to the Senate Committee on Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, however no date has been set for a hearing and it is unlikely this bill will see action in the Senate before the legislature adjourns for the summer in mid-June.

MUCC members passed a resolution at convention in 2010 asking for these changes to be made and MUCC has supported these bills through the process. This is another great example of MUCC members and MUCC’s policy setting process having a direct impact in our legislature.

  • Ohio Kurt

    Bout time! My curent model powder gun shotos further, straighter and with more umph than my 44 lever action sadle gun. I vote yes!

  • Wayne Baumgartner

    1) It took the overpaid people at our bloated and ineffective public sector DNR decades to finally “permit” the use of crossbows during all hunting seasons and catch up with neighboring states. With the crossbow a couple of thousand years old this writer is incredulous that it wasn’t permitted a LONG time ago. Stopped bow hunting about 10 years ago (lost revenue, eh?) due to shoulder pain. The crossbow “change” let me start bow hunting again and the increased license sales statewide probably let the DNR hire some more nonproductive people to sit at desks or drive state owned SUVs around?

    2) This change to “permit” rifles chambered in straight walled pistol cartridges was proposed as much as 4 years ago in 2009! What the H**L is the problem? Any of the pistol cartridges, .357, . 44 Magnum, .45 Long Colt or .500 S&W are ALL WEAKER than any 20 gage or 12 gage slug. Those pistol cartridges are only effective out to 100 yards. 20 gage and 12 gage sabot cartridges are effective out to 200 yards! Duh?
    Comment: This writer suspects that due to the short sight radius, any handgun hunter probably wounds more deer than they kill. Now that same pistol cartridge in a long sight radius rifle will be very accurate and put meat on the table.

    3) Suggestion: If the DNR cadre, has this legendary and well-earned nonproductive public sector stereotype, why don’t they talk AND LISTEN TO the input from REAL HUNTERS? Anybody home? Didn’t think so.

    Canton, MI

  • 44mag

    why dose the new 2014 hunting regulations state except deer the way they have this printed in the new regulations is very confusing and on two separate pages it says except deer what is the point in using a rifle with a straight walled cartridge with 35cal or larger if they are not going to let us use them to deer hunt with, I am getting very tired of the DNR skirting around this issue for 2 years now after the bill was passed I have been waiting for over 20years to be able to use my 44cal lever gun down here and still cant but I can use my 50cal inline muzzleloader what is the DNR doing besides evading the law that was passed ?very confused ???