Call Today to Urge Senate Vote on HB 4993!

A bill that could positively impact public opinion on hunting, fishing and trapping in this state is over half of the way to being completed – but it needs the help of sportsmen and women to get across the finish line!

HB 4993 (Rep. Jon Bumstead) would create a statewide council, called the Michigan Wildlife Council, that would be charged with hiring a marketing firm and directing funds for the creation and implementation of a targeted multi-media marketing campaign.

The money for the campaign is already there, part of the hunting and fishing license fee package that was passed and signed into law this past summer. HB 4993 allows that money to be spent by educating the general non-hunting, non-fishing public on the importance of our outdoor heritage for the future of wildlife.

This would be a major win for our outdoor heritage, and a win against anti-hunting interests in our state.

We need your help!

Please contact Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville today and respectfully ask him to bring up HB 4993 for a vote.

Sen. Randy Richardville – (517) 373-3543

  • John M Bergdahl


  • Andy Evans

    Judging from some of the comments made in the Free Press yesterday (responses to article about wolf kill #1, looks like this campaign needs to begin … yesterday! Sportspersons both foot the bill – and take the rap from anti hunters and others who have not been educated about the role of hunters/trappers in wildlife management, our economy, and our culture. Two thumbs up on this one.

  • Andy Evans

    Anti-hunters get nasty/hateful enough today to force MLive to both of their comment threads (for wolf hunt articles). Stay classy, folks.