EHD-Related Deaths Rise to 8,500

Despite dropping temperatures, EHD continues to spread through the deer herd this year. The number of deer reported with EHD has risen to just under 8,500. There are now 25 confirmed counties with 5 additional counties with reports.

The Department of Natural Resources will continue to update its map pinpointing the counties with confirmed reports and collecting the number of deer killed on the Michigan Emerging Diseases website.

  • Keith

    I hunt in Barry County and we are finding deer all over the place..judging by the deer we are seeing as aposed to past years we we believe we have lost 70-80% of our herd

  • Smokesucker

    we hunt Calhoun/Branch county and found 4 dead right around our very small pond. In the last two years we figure we have lost 80%+ of our herd. We were seeing 50 a day 5 years ago and we are lucky to see 10 a season now.

  • Mike

    we have 40 acres in Eaton County(Olivet) and we are finding deer in the Battle Creek River in log jams. Found 4 within 2000′

  • Dennis

    I hunt my daughter’s mini farm in Southwest Kalamazoo County, Prairie Rhonde Twp, and have found 6 carcases on just 10 acres. One of her neighbors surveyed the area in a small ultra light aircraft 2 weeks ago and stopped counting at 200 carcases in just a small 2 square mile area of creeks and swamp. No deer have been seen and there are no fresh tracks on her place and there have not been deer on any of the trail cams in the last 30 days. Those same trail cams averaged 30 pictures a day in August. Looks like 100% kill in that area. We are also finding that predators are touching the carcases.

  • beckerlyons

    I live in Ionia county by Lyons were 2 rivers and 1 creek come together. We use to see deer all the time not nomore. The herd is about gone and you still can buy doe permits dont make sences. The DNR should of stopped all doe permits and if people bought them they should have refunded money for them. Let the deer herd grow up again. In the aera the herd is strong maybe it will move back to were it is light. I think that they are way off the numbers too. I seen dead deer on the Maple River flats in Clinton county and they said nothing about that. I think they want them all dead then they will not have anymore conplaiming from FARMERS AND INSURANCE GROUPS.