For Immediate Release:
Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Contact: Erin McDonough – (517) 775-9500


Several weeks ago, in Governor Snyder’s State of the State address he touched on the importance of Michigan’s high quality natural resources and pledged to continue his support for them. In this morning’s Budget Message, Governor Snyder backed up those earlier comments with a 70% General Fund increase to the DNR and a 40% General Fund increase to the DEQ. This type of General Fund investment in natural resources is unprecedented.

Those increases include a DNR-led “Quality of Life” agency effort of $6 million in new funding to fight invasive species in our state. Our forests and waters are under attack by invasive species in the state and this money will be spent on the prevention, detection, and elimination of both aquatic and terrestrial invasive species.

In addition, part of the 40% increase to the DEQ is $3.9 million in new funding that is geared towards water quality and quantity, which includes a focus on stronger protections for our valuable fishing and duck hunting paradises; Michigan’s rivers, lakes, and wetlands.

Other proposed Budget Recommendations include:
• $2.5 million to expand Michigan’s Trails;
• $3.5 million to put to 25 more Conservation Officers in the field;
• $1 million for a new fisheries research vessel on Lake Huron;
• $4 million in funding backlogged infrastructure improvements in Michigan’s State Parks;
• $4 million in new funding for wildfire protection and forest management, and;
• $2.5 million for the Qualified Forest Program.

The proposed Fiscal Year 2015 Executive Budget is encouraging to those of us here at MUCC and it should be to all of Michigan’s sportsmen and women. The proposed increase in General Fund shows that our natural resources are finally being recognized as the important economic drivers they are for Michigan; hunting and fishing alone generate $4.8 billion annually for Michigan’s economy.

This is only the beginning of the budget cycle. We must stay vigilant to ensure these recommendations make it through the legislature and are used for their intended purposes.

We look forward to working with the Governor, Michigan Legislature and conservation partners as the budget continues to be worked on.

  • Tom Matych

    The MDNR just bragged about a “state record” invasive white Perch being caught in Muskegon Lake. According to Jim Dexter MDNR “This showcases the quality of the states fisheries”. Catching record size invasive species is not a good thing. Invasive white perch eat walleye eggs, perch and walleye fry among others. In Indiana it is illegal to throw back an invasive white perch alive, They have overrun many lakes around the country, are threatening the Perch and Walleye in Lake Erie. Google invasive white perch, see for yourself. The only difference between a lake overrun with invasive white perch and a lake overrun with Asian Carp is you don’t get hit in the nose with a flying fish. But you still lose the native fishery! Until these people figure out we are supposed to be getting rid invasive species, I don’t see where giving them more money will do any good. And please kill all invasive white perch you catch whatever size a “state record invasive species” is not worth losing our lakes for. Real Perch and Walleye is what people want and they belong here. Restore thier numbers and they’ll eat the invasives back!

  • fred r

    It`s election time and he is trying to get votes. This will all change back after the election. He didn`t do this the last 3 yrs. Another smokescreen.