2015-2016 MUCC Executive Committee

Ron Burris, President

Tom Heritier, Statewide Vice President

George Lindquist, Statewide Vice President

Jack VanRhee, Statewide Vice President

Fran Yeager, Treasurer

Jack Lehto, Region I (Upper Peninsula) Vice President

Jane Finnerty, Region II (Northern Lower Peninsula) Vice President

David Van Lopik, Region III (Southwest Lower Peninsula) Vice President

Jim Pryce, Region IV (Southeast Lower Peninsula) Vice President

Rob Miller, elected Board of Directors Representative to the Executive Committee

Past President Committee

  • Dawn Levey
  • Jack VanRhee
  • Paul Rose
  • Bill Krepps
  • Don Meixner
  • Fran M. Yeager
  • Russ Reister
  • Dan Delisle
  • William Whippen


Budget & Finance Committee

  • Fran Yeager – Chair (Treasurer)
  • Paul Farrell
  • Ron Burris (President)
  • Kris Matthew
  • Bob Borchak
  • Paul Rose
  • Bill Krepps