“Hunters Helping Landowners” bill passes Senate

A bill that would create a volunteer program to connect hunters and private land owners has passed the Michigan Senate.

Senate Bill 717, sponsored by Sen. John Proos, asks the DNR to create a “Hunters Helping Landowners Program” that aims to connect land owners, notably farmers, that have property damage issues due to wildlife with local hunters who were willing to help them take care of the problem.

While a voluntary program, willing hunters could contact the department and tell them which counties they would be interested in hunting. Land owners with wildlife damage issues could then contact the department for the list of interested hunters in their area.

MUCC supported the concept of this bill in committee, but will continue to follow the bill through the remaining legislative process.

For more information on the bill, including a legislative analysis, click here.

  • Bob Bethune

    This would particularly make sense for problems with feral pigs. However, if I were a landowner, I would be reluctant to invite people I didn’t know to hunt on my land. I would want to know that those hunters were experienced, sane, knowledgeable people who hunt safely and ethically, and who hit what they shoot at. Likewise, if I were a hunter, I would want a way to demonstrate to a landowner that I’m a hunter with the above qualities.

  • Larsen67

    Where do I sign up!! I am a very willing hunter. Very good program for hunters like me that don’t have personal property to hunt or have the time to scout public land. Plus, having two new kids to feed, I need to keep the freezer full.

  • Veteran Dr.

    As a hunter who just moved to Michigan (and is loving every minute of it!) this would allow me to find places to hunt while also affording me the chance to foster relationships with other folks who share my passion. I’m in!

  • Markhunter

    This is a very good program, like it very much.
    How can I sign up?
    I have nine mouths to feed, I am an ethical, experienced, successful hunter, honest and keep clean behind myself.
    Let me know of any opportunity.

    • Amy

      We’ll keep everyone posted on if and when this program is up and running!

  • Anonymous

    This sounds like a great idea! Being a disabled hunter living in Detroit, it is difficult to find accessible land close by and even more difficult to find a good spot on state land. I would be more than willing to treat people’s land with kid gloves so as not to disturb their property except for extracting game. I am a very good shot and since I have been disabled my average is one shot, one kill. I did volunteer hunting at Oakland County last year. That also is a good program for people to sign up with… check out “destination Oakland”.
    Please contact me if we need to start some kind of a petition. It would also be okay with me if there were some type of barter system with the landowner (even a certain percentage of the meat from the game taken except for predators) for allowing me to hunt on their land. I really couldn’t afford cash but donated time and efforts would be no problem. Maybe the state could also come up with some type of insurance to protect the landowner that would be provided free if they allowed someone to hunt on their land. I am sure the automobile industry insurance companies would support this to reduce the automobile/deer accidents which would save them thousands if not millions of dollars. I can’t wait to sign up. I would probably limit the hunting to ground hunting/ground blinds only so there is no risk of falling from a tree stand.

    Remember folks… if you are provided the opportunity to hunt someone else’s land lease let them know how much you appreciated by sending them thank you cards and holiday greeting cards to keep a good rapport. Protect your generous landowner in any way that you can. Always keep in mind that they don’t have to do this, it is out of the goodness of their heart and is beneficial to both parties.

  • Anonymous