MUCC Applauds NRC in Approving Michigan Wolf Season


May 9, 2013

Contact: Amy Trotter, Michigan United Conservation Clubs, (517) 331-1909

ROSCOMMON, MI – In a landmark decision this evening, the Natural Resources Commission approved a limited wolf hunting and trapping season for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Commissioner Annoesjka Steinman was the lone dissenting member.

MUCC members have long supported a sustainable hunting and trapping season for wolves.

 “Wolves are a conservation success story, with populations having been recovered for a decade. Having hunters and trappers assist the Department with their management continues the scientific-based framework that has been so successful in sustaining other recovered populations like elk and turkey in Michigan”, said MUCC Executive Director Erin McDonough.

Armed with quality information from a variety of in and out of state wildlife experts, the NRC made some amendments to the season initially proposed by the DNR wildlife staff.

There will be a target of 43 wolves among three management units; the level of proposed harvest and size and location of the units are commensurate with the level of recent nuisance complaints and depredation events.

Commissioner John Madigan, chair of the NRC Wildlife and Fisheries Committee, stated “As with other states that have authorized the public hunting of wolves, we believe that any target harvest level for a first hunt should be conservative….We believe that our recommendation will lead to a pragmatic and flexible program for managing wolves that recognizes the wide range of values people have for wolves.”

In 2013, the season will open on November 15 and go through December 31, or whenever the desired unit harvest is met (which ever comes first). To manage this highly controlled season, a hunter will be required to report successful harvest by the end of the day via a designated phone line and also check in within 3 days to a DNR check station to allow them to collect biological information. Once the harvest is met (or expected to be met imminently) for an area, the entire unit will be closed for the season. Licensed hunters will be required to check daily online or by calling in to see if any units have been closed.

The NRC has proposed to offer 1,200 licenses over the counter, and available for sale on August 3, 2013 until October 31, or when ever they are sold out. Proof of a hunter safety certificate or previous hunting license must be shown at the time of purchase. Any legal hunting device, including firearms, archery, and crossbows, will be allowed for hunting as well as the use of foothold traps, on both public and private land.

As Michigan does with each and every game species and hunting/trapping regulation, the DNR intends to use adaptive management practices, which will evaluate the success of management, population levels, and the amount of effort spent to reach the desired harvest. This information will help to aide them in determining the parameters for future seasons.


Founded in 1937, Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC) is the largest state-specific conservation organization in the country. Its mission is to conserve, defend and enhance Michigan’s natural resources and outdoor heritage.


  • WolfKeeper

    This is totally inhumane. Who do you think you are fooling? Over 250,000 compassionate Michigan voters in favor of protecting our wolves can’t be wrong. There are other ways of removing the wolf pack without having to kill them, like using deterrents or by just re-locating them further away from populated areas. And the use of foothold traps are especially cruel, I thought they were outlawed. This is just horrifying. Can’t you people find any other decent good clean ways to have fun? Anyone who purchases one of these huntng licenses needs to have their head examined.

    • Nick Haney

      You need to get ur facts right. Where I hunt in the upper peninsula the wolfs are destroying the deer heard. The only way to control the population is by hunting and trapping. If you where to relocate them you would have the same problem.

      • Rork1

        Please point to studies about “destroying the deer”, because I didn’t see our DNR say a thing about that – it was not given as a reason for recommending a hunt. People like to think the effect of wolves on the deer population is large, but where are there estimates of the effect size? The hunt as currently designed likely won’t affect the deer population available to hunters is my understanding. It won’t even reduce the total UP wolf population probably.

      • carlee87

        Awww, you angry because you suck at hunting? The wolves are supposed to manage the deer population you inbred and they will continue managing the deer population year round. You anti-wildlife inbred.

        • Rork1

          Carlee’s here to help try and prove all skeptics are just hate-filled name-calling anti-hunters. It’s enough to make me suspect she’s actually a stealthy pro-hunt advocate. Poe’s law takes it’s toll.

      • Wolf Supporter

        Wolves alter deer behavior and research shows (yes, there is an ongoing study being funded in part by SCI) shows wolves are having little impact on deer populations, even where you hunt, Nick. I suspect you “hunt” over bait? Wolves can smell deer up to a mile away. You put out bait, artificially bring in deer, wolves come in, spook the deer, then complain there aren’t any deer.

      • Soma

        …WOLVES ( is the proper spelling for multiple wolves, not “Wolfs” you cluster fucked- white trash, piece of shit). And secondly, your argument has no real premis. – If you are so concerned about your precious “deer heards” and their demise, then don’t hunt them!!! How about if you got off of your unemployed, lazy and most lilkely fat ass and got a little job for yourself?? Then you can go to a grocerie store for food- I mean you are hunting deer for the meat right, cause you’re hungry? Or does killing just make you feel better about your miconite set of balls. Bastard.
        This whole wolf hunt just makes me SICK! And anyone for slaughter of wolves is just another sorry and sad specimen of the ugliest, uneducated people we can possibly become.

        • gvg

          Hey Soma how do you feel about abortion? That is were the real slaughter is taking place not the measly 43 wolves!

        • John Caretti

          Wow! A little over the edge, Soma?

          Let’s see- “Unemployed?” I’ve been with the same company for 24 years.

          “Fat”? 6’1″ 210lbs so a little chunky, I guess.

          “Uneducated”? I have both Bachelors and Masters Degrees (including a minor in Wildlife Management that went along with my Forest Management Bachelors).

          “Grocery Store” Sometimes. But unlike some people I don’t always hide behind styrofoam trays and pay people to kill my dinner for me.

          Take a breath. You’re going to hurt yourself or have a heart attack!

    • Soma

      Right on Wolfkeeper!!! Right on, thank you!

    • John Caretti

      Michigan doesn’t have “unpopulated” areas. Not everyone lives in a subdivision but it’s very hard to be a couple miles from the nearest house- and a wolf packs range covers a township! If wolves are so wonderful, how about we put some on Belle Isle to control the non-native fallow deer that roam the island?

      And no- foothold traps aren’t outlawed. What do you think the DNR and USF&WS use to catch wolves so they can collect DNA and put radio collars on them? I’ll tell you- the exact same traps that trappers use to catch them! Do you think biologists would use them if they harmed the wolves? Of course not. You have been misled by animal rights activists. or you are one….

  • Rork1

    The legal method employed is worrisome. The legislators seem to have told voters they aren’t fit to have a voice about hunting issues. That goes against my principles and seems to violate the democracy clause of the North American Model – which we freely point to when it suits us. Are the people still fit to decide about health care, education, gun laws, and labor law, or should our government find means to get us out of those tasks as well?

    If there’s a backlash against the legislators, I hope hunters don’t suffer with them.

    • Wolf Supporter

      Yep, the Governor has indicated (and MUCC supports) that anyone who signed the petition was brainwashed by HSUS and 30 second ads. Hum, I seem to recall that he had many 30 second ads when running for office. So guess we can conclude that anyone who votes for him, has been brainwashed. Makes perfect sense.

  • Soma

    Nick I apologize for my earlier comment. I was just really worked up after reading the article.

  • againstwolvehunt

    Unbelievable, I had to check MUCC’s motto again because it says defend. How is allowing to trap humane. Man is interfering with nature too much how can the MUCC say they are for nature then turn around and say areas that they are a nuisance-Wth are they really?? Language like that scares me coming from governmental agency. Nature is suppose to rule not a government. wolves are suppose to hunt deer it is what nature designed not kill wolves so man can have more to themselves. Man is greedy and has messed with nature and the environment so long that there will be consequences left to our future generations.
    Just so frustrated with this piss pour initiative. Wtf going to call in everyday to see if the “harvesting” is met. Ignorant governmental decision making. Hey who out there eats wolves because the hunters who claim to hunter for food better eat all 47 of them or may you rot in Hell.

  • Terrance

    I think it’s a good idea cause some people will need to sell the furs to get by, some people like to hunt. It’s not like we’re shooting 500 wolves, there is 685 wolves in Michigan, 43 is a good number. some people are just getting too soft these days.

  • Kevin D

    I understand trying a limited hunt but I have a couple of questions.
    1. Do you really feel a controlled hunt will happen during the firearm deer season?
    2. I hunt in an area where there is no phone service and we do not have a phone at our camp. How am I suppose to call and get an update?

  • deadwolf

    if they were killing your dogs city peaple you would kill them too next thing folks will do is poison if not allowed to hunt take your pick up res are sick off this shit were someone in detriot tells them how to live