One Day to Protect Hunting Rights

Do you think that military members should hunt and fish for free? Do you think our hunting rights should be protected? Do you think we should do everything we can to keep Asian carp out of Michigan waters? Of course you do. But…
Are you willing to spend one day over the next six weekends to prove it?
Because that’s what it will take to get it done. We have six weekends left to collect signatures for the Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, which keeps licenses free for military members, protects hunting rights and fights Asian carp. If you can volunteer just one day over the final six weekends, then we can get the signatures we need to pass this law. If not, then anti-hunters will take away free licenses from active military members and take away the ability of biology to determine which species we hunt or how our fisheries are managed.

Military members join volunteers at Cabela's in support of the Scientific Fish & Wildlife Conservation Act

Military members join volunteers at Cabela’s in support of the Scientific Fish & Wildlife Conservation Act

We have tables set up at major outdoor retailers across the state, including Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops and Jay’s Sporting Goods. But we need volunteers to man those tables and collect signatures from fellow hunters and anglers to pass this law. It’s simple: the more volunteers we have, the more signatures we can collect.

So what we’re asking is this: pick one Saturday orSunday from the next six weekends (Friday andSaturday this weekend), and commit to manning a table for a few hours at one of the following stores, then reply to this email or sign up here to tell us which day you can help. If you can do that, then you can be a critical part of the biggest initiative to protect hunting rights in Michigan in almost twenty years.

Bass Pro Shops – Auburn Hills, MI
Cabela’s – Dundee, MI
Cabela’s – Grandville, MI
Cabela’s – Saginaw, MI
Jay’s Sporting Goods – Clare, MI
Gander Mountain – any near you.

Just one day, that’s all it takes to protect hunting rights, keep licenses free for the military, and fight Asian carp. Sign up to volunteer right now!