OTG Past Projects

otgstampcolorOur hunting, fishing and trapping opportunities – and those of the next generation – rely upon quality habitat to allow the fish and game we pursue to thrive. Our license and equipment purchases fund the majority of conservation projects in our state, but there is something even more valuablethat we can give to enhance fish and game habitat in Michigan: our time.

Michigan On-the-Ground is a public-private partnership between MUCC and the Michigan DNR’s Wildlife and Fisheries Divisions. The goal of Michigan On-the-Ground (OTG) is to improve fish and game habitat with the help of those who use it – Michigan’s hunters, anglers, trappers and outdoor adventurers.

In addition to the satisfaction of building habitat for fish and wildlife that will be enjoyed by generations to come, we’ll also provide lunch and, as a special thank-you, provide every volunteer with a one-year subscription to the digital edition of Michigan OutofDoors Magazine, our state’s longest-running outdoor publication.


March 11, 2013: Rabbitat at Gratiot-Saginaw State Game Area (Completed)

32 volunteers created 43 giant brush piles out of autumn olive, boxelder and scotch pine which provide cover and shelter for rabbits, pheasants, other small game and birds.

July 27, 2013: Wood Duck Box Maintenance at Allegan State Game Area (Completed)

36 volunteers cleaned out wood duck boxes in wetlands accessible by boat and canoe. Wood duck boxes provide nesting cover from predators for wood ducks. 

August 3, 2013: Improve Public Land Whitetail Habitat in Hillsdale County (Completed)

20 volunteers cleared fields of debris in preparation for clover planting for whitetail deer, turkey, cottontail rabbits and other small game in the middle of southern Michigan’s big buck country.

August 10, 2013: Rabbitat at Crane Pond State Game Area (Completed)

Build brush piles to provide cover for rabbits and other small game. In the winter, we’ll return for a youth rabbit hunt to check out the results!

August 17, 2013: Harsen’s Island Hunter Access & Invasive Species Removal (Completed)

Clearing phragmites and overgrown cattails from wetland hunter access routes. Phragmites choke out native vegetation and wildlife habitat. (with Harsen’s Island Waterfowl Hunters)

October 19, 2013: Gaylord Forest Management Unit Crabapple Planting (Completed)

Planting crabapple trees generously donated to the DNR by the National Wild Turkey Foundation, providing food for deer, turkeys and other wildlife.

Winter 2013/2014: Upper Peninsula Muskie Structures

Building and placing muskie structures on iced-over inland lakes in the Upper Peninsula, which will fall into place once the ice melts, creating cover and spawning structures for muskies and other inland lake fish species.