Michigan United Conservation Clubs is the largest statewide conservation organization in the nation. Founded in 1937, our mission is to unite citizens to conserve, protect and enhance Michigan's natural resources and outdoor heritage. This mission drives everything we do as an organization.

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Your membership also makes you an active participant in Michigan's conservation community. As a member of MUCC, you can propose conservation policy resolutions that form the backbone of our efforts in Lansing. By joining MUCC, you can set the direction for hunting, fishing, trapping and conservation policy for Michigan.

Help us continue to defend your rights to hunt, fish and trap in Michigan today. Your generous contribution allows us to put on our yearly summer camp for kids, restore habitat across the state, and fight anti-hunting legislation in Lansing.



October 20, 2014 |

This year we defeated anti-hunting extremists who would like nothing more than to force every fish and wildlife decision to a vote of the people. Together, we once again demanded that fish and wildlife decisions be made by professionals based on sound science. But MUCC did much more than defeat anti-hunters this year. We expanded…

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October 17, 2014 |

By Taylor Renton, AmeriCorps Member, MUCC Wildlife Habitat Volunteer Coordinator  USDA Wildlife Services biologist taking samples for disease testing Feral swine are not only terrible for Michigan’s agricultural and natural resources, but they carry many diseases that can be passed to domestic animals and even humans. The state of Michigan exports a large amount of pork, so…

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October 15, 2014 |

From HOM TV – Ballot Meridian 2014 Round Table Discussion: Wolf Hunt So, what are these wolf and wolf hunt issues in Michigan all about anyway? HSUS’s Jill Fritz and CPWM’s Drew YoungeDyke go head to head on the issues of Michigan’s Proposals 1 and 2. CLICK HERE to watch the full televised debate. 

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