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Michigan United Conservation Clubs’ mission is Uniting Citizens to Conserve, Protect and Enhance and Natural Resources and Outdoor Heritage. As a grassroots organization, our members set our policies about issues ranging from hunting and fishing regulations to firearms and natural resource conservation. Once our members have set specific policies, our staff goes to work implementing them.

MUCC maintains a staff of dedicated conservation professionals whose job it is to defend Michigan’s outdoors heritage and natural resources every day. It is a job we truly enjoy and believe in. MUCC staff follows the policy positions that are established by MUCC members and attends virtually every NRC, DNR and legislative meeting and hearing available to ensure that MUCC members and Michigan’s great outdoors is well represented.

Our policy team consists of our Legislative Affairs Manager, who leads the way on implementing MUCC policies at the legislature, our Resource Policy Manager, who works with the NRC, DNR and other state agencies, our Grassroots Manager, who engages the public and our membership to rally around our policies, and our Executive Director, who oversees it all. Our policy staff sits on a number of advisory boards and panels, further engaging MUCC’s members in the discussions that matter.