RELEASE: MUCC Statement on Wolf Petition


March 26, 2013

Contact: Tony Hansen, Chief Information Officer; 269-420-9510

Statement from MUCC Executive Director Erin McDonough On Anti-Hunter’s Petition Collection Process

“We are not surprised that the group ‘Keep Wolves Protected’ was successful at purchasing the signatures required for a ballot referendum with funds provided by the anti-hunting organization, Humane Society of the United States. We are, however, saddened by the waste of resources expended by a group that claims to support wildlife in an effort that will ultimately delay science-based management of wolves,” said Erin McDonough, Executive Director of MUCC. “The coalition and Washington-based HSUS have openly boasted about the fact that they would spend between $3 and $6 per signature to obtain the necessary signatures in an effort to force their agenda on the people of Michigan. As true conservationists, we see that as a tremendous waste of resources that could have been put to use to actually help aid conservation efforts, improve habitat and ultimately make a real difference for wildlife.”

“MUCC will continue with its public education campaign to combat the many mistruths being spread by the coalition and HSUS as it attempts to come into Michigan and force its beliefs on our residents,” McDonough said. “The legislation in question does not create a wolf hunt nor does it describe any methods of which a hunt may be conducted. This has not stopped the coalition from stating repeatedly that a wolf hunt has already been established and that wolves are being killed arbitrarily and by any means necessary including aerial gunning. None of this is true. In fact, the legislation simply establishes wolves as a game animal and upholds the law established in 1996 with the overwhelming passage of Proposal G that requires Michigan manage wildlife based on sound science.”

“The fact that HSUS was able to collect the required number of signatures tells us nothing about the issue other than if you are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and target areas of the state without a wolf population and refuse to educate the public about the issue, you can collect a lot of signatures,” McDonough said. “MUCC believes that HSUS has vastly underestimated the intelligence level of Michigan’s residents and has grossly overestimated this state’s tolernace for out-of-state extremists attempting to buy election results.”

Founded in 1937, MUCC is the largest statewide conservation organization in the nation and is dedicated to uniting citizens to conserve, protect and enhance Michigan’s natural resources and outdoor heritage.

  • Allen R. Kasdorf

    Very well said, Erin.

  • Keith Doepker

    It would be great if this article could be published in newspapers around the state.

  • h. norris

    how does this group even have standing in this issue?
    proposal G. enough said.

    • Mark

      They have an endless supply of nitwits that are unwilling to educate themselves on what sound scientific management (prop G) is really about. Even when they do take the time to try and understand, they simply refuse to believe. They have millions of dollars in their coffers and are willing to spend it.

  • Fat Indian

    If they have enough legitimate signatures, it will be time for the sportsmen and sportswomen of Michigan to put their money where their mouths are when it comes up for vote. The anti’s will have tons of bucks to run media spots, and they will continue to put out their lying BS to the public. Time to start getting funds together to put the truth in front the largely wolf ignorant public. And that will take our own dollars, big time!

  • Greg Peter

    Everyone of our members should either show up at Camo at the Capitol and meet with their elected officials or call/write them and indicate your rejection of out-of-state special interest groups trying to misuse and highjack our referendum process. This is a corruption of our representative government here in Michigan. If your Senator or Representative supports the HSUS position – indicate to them that you will not only vote against them but will advocate for their replacement in the next election

  • Bruce Welnetz

    DNR just released their proposal – sure looks like a hunt to me. As a U.P. deer hunter, I see no reason to hunt /trap wolves. DNR’s plan does not target problem wolves, which amounts to trophy hunting.

    • Drew YoungeDyke

      “We designed the harvest to minimize the impact to the Upper Peninsula wolf population and to limit the take of wolves to those packs that have a history of conflicts.”-DNR memo to NRC, April 2, 2013.

      • Bruce Welnetz

        DNR has presentated NO data to support their recommendations. Pack with history of conflicts? How far back? Was the problem resolved? What problems are continuing despite non-lethal & lethal measures. The recommendations are not consistent with the Management Plan. The letter acknowledges that the recomendations were not shared with the Advisory Committee. Sure seems political to me.

        • Drew YoungeDyke

          “Target harvests are recommended for each Wolf Management Unit (WMU) by evaluating depredation history, wolf nuisance complaints, wolf survey data, telemetry information, as well as historical pack information.”

          • Bruce Welnetz

            If you have the depredation history, nuisance complaints, telemetry information and pack information for each of these zones, please share since DNR has not shared this data with public. They also must establish that non-lethal and lethal measures were not effective (or not likely to be effective) before hunting is used as a “tool”

          • Drew YoungeDyke

            We’ll be live-streaming the NRC meeting on Thursday. The DNR will be giving a whole presentation on it.

          • Bruce Welnetz

            Data still was not presented. DNR did explain there was a drop in population. I would like to see the data to support which packs are targeted (and why) along with how targeting these packs will reduce depredation. Even Jim H said the proposal will not stop depredation.