Shooting Range Update: Supreme Court To Hear Arguments

The Michigan Supreme Court announced yesterday that it will hear a first round of oral argument in the case of Addison Township v. Barnhart , involving a shooting range and the application of Michigan’s law protecting ranges, the Sport Shooting Ranges Act (SSRA).

The case, which was chronicled by MUCC, held that shooting ranges that have “business or commercial purposes” are not allowed protections of the SSRA.  MUCC filed an Amicus Curiae (or “Friend of the Court”) brief with the Supreme Court arguing that a ruling like this could have a detrimental effect on shooting ranges throughout the state, and asking  the Court to overturn the decision.

As a result of this decision, the court will hear oral arguments sometime this fall and can then take one of a few different actions: denying the appeal, granting the appeal and ordering further briefing and argument by the parties, or issuing a decision based on the current briefs and argument.  

While this is just an initial first step, it is a step in the right direction for shooting ranges.

If you have not already done so, click the link and sign the online petition to support sport shooting ranges in Michigan. Feel free to also pass it on to family, friends, co-workers, neighbors who are interested and support the rights of shooting ranges.

MUCC will keep you up to date as this case moves to the Court.

  • dnus4730

    In the first posting on this subject I asked who the Judges of the Court of Appeals were, so that we could vote them out. Someone gave the names of 3 judges probably from a different district, but Addison Township is in Oakland County – the 2nd District Court of Appeals. Those judges are Elizabeth L Gleicher, Kathleen Jansen, Deborah A Servitto.
    They are currently up for re-election, but unfortunately there are running unopposed. It’s too late to coordinate a write in campaign, but there is no way I am vote for these 3 clowns. I guess I will just write in Howdy Doody, Bozo, and Dumbo – just to show my displeasure.
    By the way, where is the male balance in this court?