Wolf Bill Sails Through Senate

Senate Bill 1350, sponsored by Senator Tom Casperson (R-Escanaba) sailed past the Michigan Senate this afternoon on a 23-15 vote.  The bill designates the wolf as a game animal in Michigan and authorizes the Natural Resources Commission to consider and study a potential regulated hunting and trapping season.

One amendment made to the bill, sponsored by Senator Howard Walker (R-Traverse City) created a wolf management advisory committee that will make nonbinding recommendations to the Department of Natural Resources on wolf management issues.

Many thanks to sponsor Senator Tom Casperson and the senators voting yes on SB 1350 in favor of sound wolf management.

The bill now goes to the Michigan House of Representatives for consideration.

It’s never too early to start contacting your Representative!  Contact Your Rep

Below is an initial breakdown of the voting in the Senate:

Yeas (23)

Booher                 Gleason               Jones                    Proos                    Brandenburg

Green                   Kowall                   Richardville         Casperson           Hansen

Marleau               Robertson           Caswell                 Hildenbrand       Meekhof

Rocca                    Colbeck                Hune                     Moolenaar          Walker

Emmons              Jansen                  Pavlov


Nays (15)

Anderson            Hopgood             Nofs                      Warren                 Bieda

Hunter                  Pappageorge     Whitmer              Gregory               Johnson

Schuitmaker       Young                   Hood                     Kahn                      Smith

  • pmc

    let the bloodshed begin. calling yourself a conservation group is a complete farce

  • JF

    In 1996 the voters of Michigan overwhelmingly passed Proposal G, which calls for “Sound, Scientific Management of natural resources and wildlife in Michigan” When any population of prey or predators becomes too large for the carrying capacity of the land, it is necessary to balance those populations.

    • Rork1

      Baloney. For apex predators, if their prey becomes too scarce, their population declines by itself. You gotta say why we must “balance”, and you didn’t – that’s not even close to scientific. For plant eaters like deer, overpopulation for long periods can ruin the land, and threaten extinctions of certain plants. What populations or ecosystems will wolves threaten?


    Congratulations to Senator Casperson and the rest of the Senate for moving forward. It’s pretty late but the House of Representatives has a chance to redeem itself for dragging its feet. The Tribal Nations will still be able to obtain the information they desire prior to a management hunt so there are no excuses!