Workgroup Seeks Public Input on Mentored Youth Hunting Program

A workgroup assembled by the Michigan Natural Resources Commission to develop recommendations for the state’s new Mentored Youth Hunting Program is seeking public input on some of the issues under consideration. MUCC Education and Youth Camp Manager Liz Roxberry is serving on this workgroup and asks that all MUCC members participate to help shape this program.

An online survey has been posted to allow the public to answer some questions and provide feedback on the issues presented. The survey can be found HERE and will be available through Sept. 15. This is a quick deadline to be able to move the program development along in time to allow mentored youths to participate in the 2012 hunting seasons.

The Mentored Youth Hunting Program, which was borne out of an MUCC 2010 Policy Resolution and was signed into law this summer, opens opportunities for hunters under the age of 10 to participate in Michigan’s hunting seasons in conjunction with the mentored youth hunting program under development by the NRC.  The new law also created the Mentored Youth Hunting license, which will allow mentored youths to participate in a wide variety of hunting opportunities on a single license starting in 2012.  Mentored youth hunting license holders will be able to hunt deer, turkey, small game, trap fur-bearers and fish for all species on this license.

If you would like to discuss this workgroup or give more specific input, feel free to drop a line to Liz Roxberry ( and she will bring this input to the workgroup. There will also be additional forums for public input during the NRC meetings this fall as the draft details of the program are made available.

  • Dave Kermeen

    I like it and my grandson will love it to, He is 9 years old and love to go with me when I go hinting.

  • A Hunter

    10 years old is a early age. There alot of kids brought up with hunting , being in the field & would be able to enjoy it & respect being able to hunt. There are some that would have no idea what its all about. I believe all youth hunts for Deer should be limited to Does. We have abondant amounts of Does & getting a understanding for what you are doing is priceless. We are wanting to get the younger generation envolved in hunting & there is nothing like the first Day you can actually hunt for a Buck. But it should come at age that it can be respected & enjoyed. I believe that should be when they can get a Adult license.

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