You Called, They Listened: Legislature Passes SB 288 and 289!

For the last few weeks, you and your fellow hunters, anglers and trappers have flooded the phone lines and inboxes of your legislators, telling them you want Michigan’s wildlife to be managed using sound science and our rights to be protected by passing Senate Bills 288 and 289. Many of you even asked them in person at Camo at the Capitol. They listened!

SB 288 House Vote

After passing the Senate last week, the Michigan House of Representatives passed the bills today by a vote of 72-38 with bipartisan support! The bills now head to Governor Snyder’s desk, and the anti-hunters are trying to get him to veto the legislation. Please call Governor Snyder’s office right now and ask him to sign SB 288 and 289 immediately!

Call Governor Snyder now at (517) 373-3400!

SB 288 and 289 allow the Natural Resources Commission to name game species and make fisheries orders under their mandate to use sound science, which over 68% of Michiganders voted for through 1996’s Proposal G. They also provide free hunting and fishing licenses to active-duty members of our military, and establish a right to hunt and fish in state law.

These bills also mean that out-of-state anti-hunters will no longer be able to restrict hunting rights using 30-second commercials and endless ballot referendums. Wildlife decisions will finally be made based on sound science, just as you voted for with Proposal G!

We’re almost there. Don’t let this opportunity slip away! Call Governor Snyder right now at (517) 373-3400 and ask him to sign SB 288 and 289 immediately!

Vote tally for SB 288 and 289

Name Party SB 288 SB 289
Brian Banks D N Y
Alberta Talabi D N Y
John Olumba D Y Y
Rose Mary Robinson D N N
Fred Durhal D Y Y
Rashida Tlaib D N N
Thomas Stallworth D Y Y
David Nathan D Y Y
Harvey Santana D Y Y
Phil Cavanagh D N N
David Knezek D N Y
Douglas Geiss D N N
Andrew Kandrevas D N N
Paul Clemente D N N
George Darany D N N
Robert Kosowski D N Y
Bill LaVoy D Y Y
Sarah Roberts D N N
John Walsh R Y Y
Kurt Heise R Y Y
Dian Slavens D N N
Harold Haugh D N Y
Pat Somerville R Y Y
Anthony Forlini R Y Y
Henry Yanez D N N
Jim Townsend D N N
Ellen Lipton D N N
Jon Switalski D N N
Tim Greimel D N Y
Jeff Farrington R N Y
Marilyn Lane D N N
Andrea LaFontaine R Y Y
Ken Goike R Y Y
Woodrow Stanley D Y Y
Rudy Hobbs D N Y
Pete Lund R Y Y
Vicki Barnett D N N
Hugh D. Crawford R Y Y
Klint Kesto R Y Y
Michael McCready R N Y
Martin Howrylak R N Y
Bill Rogers R Y Y
Gail Haines R Y Y
Eileen Kowall R Y Y
Tom McMillin R Y Y
Bradford Jacobsen R Y Y
Cindy Denby R Y Y
Pam Faris D Y Y
Jim Ananich D Y Y
Charles Smiley D Y Y
Joseph Graves R Y Y
Gretchen Driskell D N Y
Jeff Irwin D N N
David Rutledge D N Y
Adam Zemke D N Y
Dale Zorn R Y Y
Nancy Jenkins R Y Y
Kenneth Kurtz R Y Y
Matt Lori R Y Y
Sean McCann D N N
Margaret O’Brien R Y Y
Kate Segal D N N
Jase Bolger R Y Y
Earl Poleski R Y Y
Mike Shirkey R Y Y
Aric Nesbitt R Y Y
Tom Cochran D Y Y
Andy Schor D N N
Sam Singh D N N
Rick Outman R Y Y
Theresa Abed D N Y
Ken Yonker R Y Y
Peter MacGregor R Y Y
Rob VerHeulen R Y Y
Brandon Dillon D N Y
Winnie Brinks D N Y
Tom Hooker R Y Y
Dave Pagel R Y Y
Al Pscholka R Y Y
Bob Genetski R Y Y
Dan Lauwers R Y Y
Kevin Daley R Y Y
Paul Muxlow R Y Y
Terry Brown D Y Y
Ben Glardon R Y Y
Lisa Posthumus Lyons R Y Y
Mike Callton R Y Y
Roger Victory R Y Y
Amanda Price R Y Y
Joe Haveman R Y Y
Collene Lamonte D N Y
Marcia Hovey-Wright D N N
Tom Leonard R Y Y
Tim Kelly R Y Y
Stacy Oakes D Y Y
Charles Brunner D Y Y
Joel Johnson R Y Y
Jim Stamas R Y Y
Kevin Cotter R Y Y
Jon Bumstead R Y Y
Ray Franz R Y Y
Phil Potvin R Y Y
Bruce Rendon R Y Y
Wayne Schmidt R Y Y
Greg MacMaster R Y Y
Peter Pettalia R Y Y
Frank Foster R Y Y
Ed McBroom R Y Y
John Kivela D Y Y
Scott Dianda D Y Y
  • Bruce Welnetz

    Its not over –

  • Norman Balint

    Congratulations Michigan for standing up and fighting for your rights. Organizations like HSUS must be challenged at every turn

  • Diane

    Does Mr. Balint understand what just happened? A large number of Michigan voters signed petitions to get this issue on the 2014 ballot. That means ALL of the people of Michigan would decide the issue . Not the HSUS or a large group of hunters. That is the democratic process we are governed by. That is not what happened with SB288. You may have won the right to hunt wolves, but you lost so much more.

    • Bruce Welnetz

      Yes, Diane, hunters and fishermen lost a lot too. This time, the wolf, what’s next? MUCC lost a lot of respect – this is a bill against the democratic process.

  • Tracy

    What science and biology is used to determine that we need a sport wolf hunt ? I am curious, because at the House Committee Hearing for the NRC yesterday, the DNR said that they are managing the wolf population well. In addition, neither the House or the Senate considered the advice of wolf biologists Rolf Peterson and John Vucetich from Michigan Tech University ? Who is providing the science and biology ?

    • Drew YoungeDyke

      It’s not a “sport” hunt – that’s an HSUS talking point, it’s never been the goal. The only hunt being considered is to reduce conflicts in 3 areas of the UP. And neither the House nor the Senate are required to use sound science – the Natural Resources Commission is. That’s the reason we think the NRC should be the ones to make those decisions. The DNR’s professional wildlife biologists provide the science to the NRC. They presented their recommendations to the NRC at the April meeting. NRC meetings are open to the public, so if science were presented showing that wolves could not withstand the limited take recommended by the DNR, they would consider it. However, no one presented any such evidence at that meeting.

      • Bruce Welnetz

        Drew, you missed the point – NRC is appointed by the Governor with Senate consultation – they too, are a political body, except they are not elected. Their decisions cannot be challenged. At the April meeting, their invited guests presented opinions, not science. They did not invite two of Michigan’s lead researchers – Look at global warming denials….DNR professionals cannot speak freely –