2023 Conservation Report

Uniting citizens to conserve, protect and enhance Michigan's natural resources and outdoor heritage

To Our Members

You have heard of the three R’s in the hunting, fishing and trapping world:
recruitment, retention and reactivation. While these remain as important as ever to
continuing our outdoor heritage in Michigan and nationally, MUCC’s 2024 focus will
be on a slightly different three R’s:


Reinvigoration, Reinvestment and Reinvention


At 87 years young, MUCC members and supporters have relied on this organization for their entire lifetime to conserve, protect and enhance our natural resources and outdoor heritage. But the wins of the past could slip through our fingers if we do not breathe new energy and strength into the core mission. While natural resources and the outdoors are our passion, it is PEOPLE who help to fulfill this mission. MUCC must ensure today’s conservationists have all the knowledge and tools needed to assist and INSPIRE them to engage in the work of conservation — whether that is through On the Ground habitat, education and outreach or advocacy.

As a non-profit organization, we rely on members and donors to support our missiondriven work. MUCC is viewed by many conservation organizations, hunters, anglers and trappers around this state as “critical infrastructure” to the conservation movement. But much like our aging built environment, it is time to reinvest in the infrastructure that connects and sustains conservation in Michigan–this organization itself. In 2024, you will see MUCC get a face lift and
initiate a new marketing strategy to engage potential members to grow and strengthen the organization so we can do more with more to
support conservation across Michigan.


In order to move forward, MUCC may need to take necessary steps to change and adapt to new ways of doing things. Through any change, I commit to you that we will remain grounded in our roots and our mission while we aspire to do
new things.

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Our Mission. Our Work.

Your Organization

Michigan United Conservation Clubs was founded on a vision: To insulate our natural resources from political whims and ensure conservation is a part of our identity as Michiganders. This vision is what unites us to conserve, protect and enhance our natural resources and outdoor heritage.


Since our beginning, we have relied on strong grassroots support from members across all of Michigan’s peninsulas, bays, lakes, forests, rivers and fields. When we call on our members to take action, they take action. We don’t send frivolous action alerts, and we don’t use fear tactics to achieve our members’ policy directives. Since 1937, MUCC has been the voice for sportsmen and sportswomen in Michigan. Whether it is in the halls of the Capitol in Lansing or in Washington D.C., we are always fighting on behalf of Michigan’s hunters, anglers, trappers and conservationists. Our resume speaks for itself. We are a known entity in Lansing and the conservation space. We are proud to be your conservation organization.

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Fundraising is a critical part of keeping the lights on at MUCC. Without our donors, MUCC would not be able to accomplish its conservation mission.

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Who will be next?

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit."

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