Board of Directors

In June 2016, a new organizational structure went into effect which restructured the Executive Board and created the Conservation Policy Board.


President (2022): Greg Peter, Chelsea Rod and Gun Club

Immediate Past President (2022): George Lindquist, U.P. Whitetails of Marquette County

Vice President/President-Elect/Chair of the Policy Board (2022): Tim Muir Jr., Lake St. Clair Walleye Association

Treasurer (2022): Fran Yeager, Cass County Conservation Club

Region Directors:

  • Region 1 (2023): Jeremy Laakso, UP Trappers Association District 5
  • Region 2 (2022): Steve Dey, Straits Area Sportsmans Club
  • Region 3 (2023): Jane Finnerty, Cadillac Sportsmens Club
  • Region 4 (2022): Keith Huff, Montmorency County Conservation Club
  • Region 5 (2023): Dawn Levey, Ashley Sportsmens Club
  • Region 5/At Large (2023): Ed Moore, Individual Member
  • Region 6 (2022): Dan McMaster, Shiawassee Conservation Association
  • Region 7 (2023): Ron Burris, Individual Member
  • Region 8 (2022): Patrick Hogan, Tomahawk Archers
  • Region 8/At Large (2022): Travis Powers, Individual Member
  • Region 9 (2023): Sam Morello, Michigan Bow Hunters

Appointed At-Large Directors:

Doug Krizanic (2022)

Leon Hank (2022)


MUCC 2021-2022 Conservation Policy Board

Chair of the Policy Board (2022): Tim Muir Jr., Lake St. Clair Walleye Association

Voting members

  • Region 1 (2023)
    • Joe Sommers, UP Whitetails of Marquette County
    • Bryan Reynolds, UP Whitetails of Marquette County
    • VACANT
    • Jack Lehto, Individual Member Representative (proposed)
  • Region 2 (2022)
    • Gary Gorniak, Straits Area Sportsmen's Club
    • Robert Warner, Straits Area Sportsmen's Club
    • Mark Spencer, Straits Area Sportsmen's Club
    • Adam Bennett, Individual Member Representative
  • Region 3 (2023)
    • Laura Patton, Clam River Houndsman Club
    • Terry Vuksanovic, Big Bear Sportsman's Club
    • Rick Singleton, Fin & Feather Club of Mason County
    • Abraham Downer, Individual Member Representative (proposed)
  • Region 4 (2022)
    • Brian McPhail, Montmorency County Conservation Club
    • Luke Sitton, Montmorency County Conservation Club
    • Pete Demos, Presque Isle Sportsmen's Club
    • Kelly Ross, Individual Member Representative
  • Region 5 (2023)
    • Kayla Levey, Ashley Sportsman's Club
    • Ralph Hammond, South Kent Sportsman's Club
    • Eric Levey, Ashley Sportsman's Club
    • VACANT
  • Region 6 (2022)
    • Wayne Hanson, Saginaw Field and Stream
    • Jon Wilson, Shiawassee Conservation Association
    • Ted Schulz, Marion Springs Conservation Club
    • Nick Buggia, Individual Member Representative
  • Region 7 (2023)
    • Charles Konneck, Cass County Conservation Club
    • Diane Konneck, Cass County Conservation Club
    • Justin VanRhee, Hamilton Rod and Gun Club
    • David VanLopik, Individual Member Representative (proposed)
  • Region 8 (2022)
    • Roger Calhoun, Livingston County Wildlife and Conservation Club
    • Jennifer Davis, Washtenaw Sportsman's Club
    • Leonard Shaner, Huron Pointe Sportsmen's Association
    • Zach Snyder, Individual Member Representative
  • Region 9 (2023)
    • Erik Schnelle, Michigan Quality Deer Management Association
    • Keith Shafer, Michigan Bear Hunters Association
    • Bob Jones, Michigan Bow Hunters


To get in contact with your Region Executive Board and Conservation Policy Board members, see below for emails:

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Committee Chair
Wildlife and Habitat Robert Miller
Fisheries and Habitat VACANT
Shooting and Ranges Jack Ammerman
Youth and Conservation Education

Parks, Recreation and Trails

Mark Hergenreder

Allen Kasdorf