Board of Directors

In June 2016, a new organizational structure went into effect which restructured the Executive Board and created the Conservation Policy Board.


President: Tom Heritier, Saginaw Field and Stream Conservation Club

Immediate Past President: Ron Burris, Individual Member
Vice President/President Elect/Chair of the Policy Board: George Lindquist, U.P. Whitetails of Marquette County

Treasurer: Jim DeClerck, Saginaw Field and Stream Conservation Club

Region Vice Presidents:

  • Region 1: Trevor Hodges -
  • Region 2: Bill Malloch -
  • Region 3: Jane Finnerty -
  • Region 4: Carol Rose -
  • Region 5: Dawn Levey -
  • Region 5/At Large: Vacant
  • Region 6: Chuck Hoover -
  • Region 7: Fran Yeager -
  • Region 8: Kris Matthew -
  • Region 8/At Large: Greg Peter -
  • Region 9: Bruce Levey -

At-Large Directors:

Doug Krizanic, Individual Member



Committee Chair Email
Wildlife and Habitat Robert Miller
Fisheries and Habitat Matt Lubaway
Shooting and Ranges Dan Dial
Youth and Conservation Education

Parks, Recreation and Trails


Allen Kasdorf