The 40,000-plus members of Michigan United Conservation Clubs come from all walks of life, united by their shared commitment to conserving Michigan's natural resources and defending our rights to hunt, fish and trap.

Many are members of one of our almost 250 affiliated clubs, such as a local rod & gun club or a statewide conservation organization. Tens of thousands are individual members who receive a subscription to Michigan Out-of-Doors Magazine, and hundreds have earned their memberships by volunteering for wildlife habitat through our On the Ground (OTG) program.

Membership in Michigan United Conservation Clubs shows your commitment to conservation. Your dues support our programs to advocate for the rights to hunt, fish and trap; to communicate about the critical issues you need to know about as a hunter, angler, trapper or conservationist; to conserve and enhance fish and wildlife habitat; and to educate the next generation of conservationists.

Your membership also makes you an active participant in Michigan's conservation community. As a member of MUCC, you can propose conservation policy resolutions that form the backbone of our efforts in Lansing. From the Bottle Bill to the latest legislation to increase poaching penalties, all of our policies come from members like you. By joining MUCC, you can set the direction for hunting, fishing, trapping and conservation policy for Michigan.

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