2020 Annual Convention Results Blog Post

Important note about upcoming September 2, 2020 MUCC Conservation Policy Board/Convention Orientation

As you are aware, the 2020 MUCC Annual Convention will not be taking place in person. Since that decision was made, MUCC staff, Executive Board members and a convention committee have been working diligently to develop an alternative process for policy and elections.

Together, we have decided that the policy process and elections that would normally be held at this convention will be held via a secure, online platform called Election Runner. This program will allow MUCC staff to facilitate voting via unique email addresses and weigh votes automatically.

This virtual convention will take place for a designated two-week period during the month of September. To participate in this convention, clubs must:

  • Pay annual MUCC dues (If you have questions, comments or concerns regarding paying dues, please contact MUCC Policy and Special Events Assistant Ian FitzGerald at ifitzgerald@mucc.org)

  • Submit a club authorization form

  • Have one or more registered delegates (note: no delegate may carry more than five club votes). Given we are using an online platform, it is highly recommended that your registered delegates have a valid email address and feel comfortable using online surveys.

Members of the MUCC Conservation Policy Board (including individual members representing their region), Executive Board or Past Presidents must also be registered, paid members of MUCC and submit an online registration form to participate. To run as an officer for the MUCC Conservation Policy Board or Executive Board, please submit a completed nominations form.

Documents may be submitted as a PDF document to Ian FitzGerald at ifitzgerald@mucc.org or via mail to:

MUCC Annual Convention Registration

Attn: Ian FitzGerald
PO Box 30235
Lansing, MI 48909

Note: No individual registrant payment is required to participate in the online voting process. 

Registration forms, club authorization forms and nominations forms must be submitted by August 1, 2020. 

During this two-week virtual convention period, credentialed delegates will receive two distinct ballots. The first will cover officer elections for their region and statewide officers, and the second will include voting on the minutes of the 2019 Annual Convention, proposed policy resolutions and proposed bylaw amendments.

Officer election ballots will be unique for each of the nine MUCC regions, and delegates will only receive the ballot for their respective region (i.e. a delegate from region one will only receive an officer election ballot for region one). These ballots will include a brief biography of the candidates. All executive board and conservation policy board election results will be final via the online process.

All credentialed delegates will also receive a ballot containing the 2020 proposed policy resolutions and proposed bylaw amendments. The voting options for proposed resolutions and proposed bylaws amendments will be as follows:

  1. Yes, I support as presented

  2. No, I do not support as presented

  3. I need more information, amendments or discussion to make a decision

Under this virtual process, resolutions will require a higher bar to pass.

  • Resolutions normally requiring a two-thirds majority will now require a three-quarters majority (75%) vote of “Yes, I support as presented” to pass.

  • Resolutions normally requiring a simple majority (51% or more) will now require a two-thirds majority vote of “Yes, I support as presented” to pass via this process.

No resolutions or bylaw amendments will fail via this virtual process. 

The proposed resolutions and proposed bylaw amendments that do not pass via the online process will move on to a one day, traditional, in-person meeting in December.

The results of these votes will be shared with the delegates within one week of the closure of the voting process, allowing ample time for preparation for the December meeting.

As details regarding the December meeting become available, MUCC will share those via email.

For more information, please visit our annual convention website and frequently asked question page here. Please contact Ian FitzGerald at ifitzgerald@mucc.org with any additional questions.

Important Documents!

Club Authorization Form

Online Registration Form (Recommended) or Mail-in Paper Registration Form

(If you are a club delegate, both the club authorization and registration need to be submitted in order to vote in the virtual convention.)

2020 Proposed Policy Resolutions

2020 Proposed Bylaw Amendments

Current MUCC Bylaws

2020 DNR and MUCC Staff Comments and Background

2019 Annual Convention- Draft Minutes

Officer Nominations Form

Nominees: Submit a biography for the elections!

2020 Current MUCC Nominees and Biographies

Club Contact Form to submit by mail OR submit Club Officer Update Form online: http://mucc.org/club-update/

E-Board and MUCC Regional Map


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is convention canceled for 2020? 

A: Yes, the in-person MUCC Annual Convention previously scheduled from June 26 to 28 is cancelled. Instead, a virtual convention will take place in which credentialed delegates will be voting on policy resolutions via an online survey platform. This recommendation has come from work of a Convention Committee and has been approved by the MUCC Board of Directors. 


Q: Who is on the convention committee?

A: MUCC Conservation Policy Board committee chairs, Executive Board members and staff have been chosen to sit on the committee and explore all options moving forward.


Q: If I have already registered for convention, will I receive a refund? 

A: MUCC members who have registered will have the option of a refund. However, MUCC has been significantly affected by this pandemic. Please consider donating your registration if you or your club is financially able to do so. If you are unable, MUCC Policy and Special Events Assistant Ian FitzGerald will be contacting registrants regarding a refund. Your patience through this process is greatly appreciated.


Q: If I have already registered for convention, what will happen to my booked room at the Kewadin Casino in Sault Ste. Marie? 

A: The MUCC room block has been canceled. If you booked your hotel room in the MUCC block using the code provided, it has now been canceled. If you had paid for your hotel room in advance or separate from the MUCC room block, please reach out to Kewadin Casino. You must cancel any reservations on your own that you had booked at other lodging or camping facilities. 


Q: What about elections? What happens if I am running for a position? 

A: The MUCC Executive Board voted to extend the current terms of both the Executive Board and the Conservation Policy Board until Sept. 30 to allow staff and committee members time to develop a plan for elections. Elections of officers will be taking place during the online convention process in September. 


Q: Is MUCC still accepting nominations for the purposes of elections? 

A: Yes! Please send a completed nomination form to Ian FitzGerald at ifitzgerald@mucc.org. The last date to send in a completed nomination form is Aug. 1, 2020.


Q: Do I still need to file my registration and club authorization form for elections? 

A: Yes. This is necessary for the credentialing process to occur for the online elections process. You can find those forms above in the important documents section. Please mail them to PO Box 30235 Lansing, MI 48909 or scan and email them to Ian FitzGerald at ifitzgerald@mucc.org. Payment is not necessary. The last date to turn in registration and club authorization forms is Aug. 1!


Q: What if my club is not meeting in person and I am unable to get signatures from my club officers for the club authorization form? 

A: You can have at least two club officers email Ian FitzGerald at ifitzgerald@mucc.org to authorize you as a delegate. An email template is below. Please, still turn in the club authorization form which has other important information on it. 

Hello Ian,

I, [Enter Name], authorize [Enter delegate name] to vote on behalf of [Enter club name].

[Enter Name] [Date]


Q: Will there be Conservation Policy Board meetings this year? 

A: MUCC staff and committee members will be exploring the options surrounding a future MUCC Conservation Policy Board (CPB) Meetings. Please look for further communications on the matter in the coming months. Generally, CPB meetings are held in September, December and March.


Q: Am I still able to submit a new resolution for 2021 at this time?

A: Yes! Submit any new resolutions to Ian at ifitzgerald@mucc.org. Your resolution will be taken up at the next CPB meeting which is still TBD.


Q: My club has changed leadership since last year, how do I update MUCC of these changes?

A: You can update your club’s contact information here.


Q: What happens with my resolution that was passed by the CPB?

A: Your resolution will be up for a vote at the online election process in September. To pass, any resolutions normally requiring a two-thirds majority will require a three-quarters majority to pass and any resolution normally requiring a simple majority will need two-thirds to pass. Note: NO resolutions will fail via this process. All resolutions that are not passed at the online process will move to an in-person meeting in December which details are being worked on for. 


Q: What if my resolution is pressing or timely?

A: Resolutions requiring immediate action may be passed by the MUCC Executive Board as interim policy. According to Executive Board procedures, this is defined as a resolution pertaining to an event or circumstance that, due to timing, requires immediate action because a policy action will take place before the next regular annual convention or a policy board meeting. Resolution writers may contact Ian FitzGerald at ifitzgerald@mucc.org to discuss the interim policy process.


Q: What will happen with the MUCC Conservation Awards that are normally awarded at Annual Convention.

A: MUCC Conservation Awards will not be given in 2020. 


Q: Does my club still need to pay its dues?

A: While there will not be an in-person convention, club dues will need to be paid to maintain membership of MUCC and prior voting in online elections and/or policy processes.