On The Water

On the Water(OTW) is MUCC’s volunteer watershed habitat improvement program. It was recently launched spring of 2019 and is fully funded by the Consumers Energy Foundation. OTW wants to have a positive impact on freshwater and habitats throughout the state and to connect and engage Michigan residents to their natural resources by highlighting and educating the importance of freshwater.

In 2019, On the Water has successfully held eight field events in Michigan. 203 individuals have participated in an OTW event which totals 756.5 volunteer hours. The bodies of water that have benefited from these events are the Red Cedar River, Manistee River, Clinton River, Lake Lansing, Flint River, Battle Creek River, Munuscong River, and Shiawassee River State Game Area.

OTW has completed one invasive species pull where we pulled 1,400 pounds of invasive European Frogbit in a 3-hour period. One lake clean-up where we were able to pick up 150 lbs. of trash in a 3-hour span. Then we have completed six river clean-ups were over 1600 lbs. of trash were picked up and disposed of properly.

OTW also participated in one education event, The Rogue River Water Festival that was held at Cranbrook Institute of Science were we educated 93 students on the importance of habitat and Michigan waterfowl.

In just a few short months OTW has achieved so much, and we can’t wait to see what the 2020 field season has in store for us.

MUCC's On the Water's funding from Consumers Energy's Planet grant comes to an end this September. If you like what OTW is creating and want this program to continue please let us know! OTW unquestionably wants to advance as a program, connect and form partnerships that improve watersheds around the state of Michigan, but we can't do this without your support.








July 6, 2019 - Clinton River Clean-Up

In an annual partnership between MUCC, Metro-West Steelheaders and the Clinton River Watershed Council, 41 volunteers donated their time to improve aquatic habitat and recreational opportunities on the Clinton River. In four hours, these volunteers pulled nearly 600 pounds of trash from around and within the river that runs through Yates Park in Rochester Hills, MI.

July 13, 2019 - Red Cedar River Clean-Up

In a partnership between MUCC and the MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities Department, 32 volunteers donated their time to improve aquatic habitat and recreational opportunities on the Red Cedar River. In three and a half hours, these volunteers pulled over 500 pounds of trash from around and within the river that runs through Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI.

July 20, 2019 - Manistee River Clean-Up

A total of 54 volunteers met at the Highbridge Boat Launch in Brethren to clean up a heavily-used stretch of the Manistee River. Braving the inclement weather, these volunteers spent three hours removing a variety of debris and trash from within and around the river to improve aquatic habitat and recreational opportunities on the Manistee River.

August 24th,2019-Three Shores CISMA Frogbit Pull

15 volunteers donated their time to improve the Munuscong River by removing roughly 1400 pounds of Frogbit in a 3-hour period.

September 7th,2019- Lake Lansing Beach Clean-up

Ten volunteers collected 5 bags of trash, estimating about 150 lbs of trash in a three-hour span.

September 21st, 2019- Stewardship Day at Shiawassee River State Game Area

Over a three-hour span, ten volunteers were able to pick up about 90lbs of trash and 20lbs of recyclable items. Some of the most picked up items were cigarette butts, plastic and foam packaging, and food wrappers.

October 5th,2019- Charlotte River Conservation Day

On the Water teamed up with the City of Charlotte, and Eaton Conservation District for the 16th Annual Charlotte River Conservation Day. 38 volunteers came out to clean up their local river and to help maintain the rain garden. Between 150 and 200lbs of trash where removed from the river including some interesting items like a flag, leather glove, and a mini-fridge door!

October 12th, 2019- Flint River Clean-up

Three volunteers collected three bags of trash, estimating about 100lbs of trash in a 2-hour span.

March 7 2020- Burchfield Wood Duck Boxe Making Project

17 volunteers came out to build 10 wood duck boxes at Burchfield County Park in Holt.

April 4 2020-Lake Lansing Spring Clean-up CANCELED DUE TO COVID-19

APRIL 18 2020-Clinton River Clean-up CANCELED DUE TO COVID-19

APRIL 7-MAY 7-Virtual Mi Invasive Species Bingo Game 

MUCC’s On the Water program launched its Virtual Mi Invasive Species Bingo Game for the month of April! And it was a great success gaining traction on Michigan Out of Doors Podcast with Mike Avery, WHMI 93.5, and the Detroit Free Press. OTW was impressed by the number of entries we received and the great work we were able to complete across Michigan. We had nine winners!

MAY 16-Friends of the Rogue River Rescue CANCELED DUE TO COVID-19

MAY 30 Grand River Clean-up in Jackson CANCELED DUE TO COVID-19