On the Water(OTW) is MUCC’s volunteer watershed habitat improvement program. It was launched in the spring of 2019 and is fully funded by the Consumers Energy Foundation. OTW is designed to have a positive impact on freshwater and habitats throughout the state and to connect and engage Michigan residents to their natural resources by highlighting and educating the importance of freshwater.

OTW's 2020 field season is looking a bit different this year.  From COVID-19 to the BLM movement we live in very strange and unprecedented times. OTW is continuing to learn to make the future better. But OTW has adapted to these changes and are still striving to make a positive difference.

OTW finished its 2020 field season by engaging 451, volunteers that removed 6865 pounds of trash and 110 pounds of invasive species! We have also impacted 1751 acres of Michigan land. OTW had an amazing 2020 season and wants to thank the Consumers Energy Foundation for its dedication to conservation and willingness to reach broad user groups through freshwater cleanups.

On the Water is funded through a Consumers Energy Foundation Planet Grant. And was recently featured as one of their hometown stories! You can read the full article here.

OTW currently has not received funding for the 2021 field season and will be coming to an end this December. Over the last two field seasons, OTW has engaged over 650 volunteers, cleaned up 1872 acres of watersheds, removed 8665 pounds of trash and 1510 pounds of invasive species. The OTW program will be leaving behind a positive and everlasting impact on the watersheds and communities throughout the state of Michigan. The environment and natural resources of Michigan will still have long-term ecological benefits from the completion of this project and the overall program. OTW hopes to receive funding and continue on this amazing legacy for MUCC and for the state of Michigan.

MUCC's On the Water's program is funded by Consumers Energy's Planet Grant.



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