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Below you will find the rules and winners for the Gun-a-Month and Great Outdoors Sweepstakes. If you are interested in entering but do not have a ticket, please call 517-371-1041.

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Gun-A-Month Sweepstakes Winners                    

February 2022

R. Smith - Waldron, MI

P. Conklin - South Boardman, MI

March 2022

J. Jersey - Montrose, MI

R. Birkett - Memphis, MI

April 2022

T. Chiles - New Boston, MI

E. Houck - Oxford, MI


Great Outdoors Sweepstakes Winners

February 2022

G. Goodenough - Saginaw, MI

R. Mazarka - Ada, MI

March 2022

R. Hector - Onondaga, MI

K. Raeon - Novi, MI

April 2022

J. Czarny - Whitehall, MI

D. Cook - Newaygo, MI