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2023 MUCC Conservation Calendar Available Now!

Looking back and learning from the past allows us to grow, make changes and move forward. This year marked the 85th Anniversary of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC), and we had a lot to celebrate. Welcoming new leadership on our MUCC Executive Board, a new inductee to the Conservation Hall of Fame and an investment in organizational development all help ensure that MUCC will be here for another 85 years and more.

Investing in MUCC and our ability to remain the country’s largest, most successful statewide conservation organization allows us to look forward and strengthen our defense of Michigan’s natural resources and outdoor heritage. As you add hunting trips, vacations and important family dates to this calendar, remember that MUCC is relentlessly fighting for your right to hunt, fish, trap and shoot.

With the help of your $20 or $50 donation for this calendar, MUCC willCalendar%20July%20Spread-1.png be able to continue our work to advocate for ALL hunters, anglers, trappers and shooters in Michigan, educate the next generation of conservation stewards, communicate with the public on important issues and strengthen our award-winning wildlife habitat conservation program. Your support keeps us in the fight.

This calendar features fishing, hunting and trapping regulations, application reminders, and all the major holidays! Don’t forget to apply for that bear tag or get your elk point when you have the 2023 MUCC Calendar!

At the end of 2022, we developed new ways to support the mission of MUCC and allow our supporters to leave a conservation legacy. The establishment of the Dean Oliver Barnum Society allows our supporters to leave MUCC in their will or estate and ensure Michigan’s outdoor heritage continues for generations to come.

Being a part of our planned giving society allows you to support MUCC at no cost now. Dean Oliver Barnum, the man who surprised us with his generous gift upon his passing, was a longtime member of MUCC and loved the outdoors. By the end of his life, he had built great wealth and wanted to ensure MUCC kept fighting for hunters, anglers and trappers. Gifts of all sizes allow MUCC to live its mission.

With your gift of $20 or $50, MUCC will be able to continue growing the community for which we fight for. We will continue to demand sound, science-based management of game species and work to expand public access. With your gift you will know, while sitting at your hunting camp this year or in the duck blind or while running trap lines, that we are working for you.

If you donate $50 or moreyou will receive our custom, laser-engraved knife with the MUCC logo to proudly use in your everyday carry, on your next hunt or at work. Use this knife to field dress your game this year and make sure to post a picture on social media and tag us in it!

MUCC is excited for 2023 as we look to invite new clubs to affiliate with us, recruit more individual members and grow our education initiatives. We will continue our advocacy work and expand our field programs — and we need your help to do all of this. Please help us accomplish all we have ahead in 2023 with your $20, $50 or more donation for this calendar. 

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