AmeriCorps Members Spruce-Up their Resumes at Hartwick Pines State Park

Last Saturday, July 21, 2023, AmeriCorps members were treated to a training day at the amazing Hartwick Pines State Park. This training was part one of our “Life After AmeriCorps” sessions where we prepare for our professional lives after our AmeriCorps service term. During this training, we learned how to create great resumes and cover letters for our future as conservationists. 

Our training started with a tour along the Old Growth Forest Trail led by Hartwick’s park interpreter Craig Kasmer, where we learned about the history of the park, what makes an old-growth forest, and some fun bird facts/trivia along the way. After the tour, we came together to start the training we were all dreading… resume critiquing.  It’s never easy critiquing someone else’s resume nor having your resume be critiqued, but it’s a helpful process to go through. We were given examples of good vs subpar resumes then passed out our updated resumes to the other AmeriCorps members and gave each other helpful feedback.

After all the resume and cover letter critiquing we ended the day by kayaking the Manistee River, where I had a lucky close encounter with a Mink swimming across the river by my kayak. This training was a great experience and very helpful for my professional career now that my service term with MUCC is winding down. Its a very somber experience knowing that my service term is coming to a close but I’m thankful for all the friends and people I’ve made during my service term.

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