Connect with OTG on Facebook

Did you know that you can find updates about On the Ground (OTG) volunteer events on our Facebook page? Launched in 2020 to provide volunteers with up-to-date information about upcoming volunteer events, the OTG Facebook page also serves as an event photo-sharing source and provides information about wildlife habitat management across Michigan. If you’re interested in following the OTG program, find us on Facebook and share with friends and fellow volunteers. The MUCC Facebook page is also a great source for keeping up with OTG and other conservation news across Michigan. 

We understand that not all volunteers have social media, and thus we will continue to share OTG information through emails and the OTG webpage at If you would like to have your email added to our OTG volunteer email list, please email MUCC Habitat Volunteer Coordinator Makhayla LaButte at 



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