MUCC Conservation Policy Board

The MUCC Conservation Policy Board consists of 40 voting members, and is chaired by the Vice President. The voting members are as follows:

  • Three members from each Region to represent affiliated clubs (27 members, elected at Convention)
  • Eight Individual Members (not affiliated with a club) from each of the 8 geographical regions (appointed by the Vice President)
  • One representative (appointed by the Vice President) from each of the five Policy Committees established under the bylaws: Wildlife, Fisheries, Shooting & Ranges, Parks & Trails, and Youth & Education

To view your Region Representatives on the MUCC Conservation Policy Board view here.

The MUCC Conservation Policy Board has quarterly meetings that are intended to represent significant organizational outreach, member engagement and leadership recruitment opportunities. This board is responsible for the conservation policy process of the organization, including debating and moving policy resolutions for consideration at MUCC’s Annual Convention.

Upcoming Conservation Policy Board meetings

December 3rd, 2022

John Anthony Halter Shooting Sports Education Center
4390 Bankers Rd
Hillsdale, MI 49242

Lodging for December Meeting


Past Conservation Policy Board meetings

Saturday September 17, 2022

The meeting took place at Big Bear Sportsmen's Club in Kaleva, MI starting at 10:30 am. 

Meeting Agenda and Working Document

DRAFT September 17th Meeting Minutes


Policy Resolution Process

Grassroots Policy Process Flowchart


Proposed Resolutions in front of the MUCC Conservation Policy Board at the December Meeting

List will be updated as resolutions are submitted.

Send resolutions to

Proposed Resolutions passed by the MUCC Conservation Policy Board heading to the 2023 Annual Convention

Proposed Resolution #B Wolf-Dog Conflict Reporting

Proposed Resolution #C Establish Turkey Harvest Reporting System

Proposed Resolution #D Wake Boat Regulations

Proposed Resolution #E Apprentice Licenses for Special Needs Individuals