MUCC Conservation Policy Board

The MUCC Conservation Policy Board consists of 40 voting members, and is chaired by the Vice President. The voting members are as follows:

  • Three members from each Region to represent affiliated clubs (27 members, elected at Convention)
  • Eight Individual Members (not affiliated with a club) from each of the 8 geographical regions (appointed by the Vice President)
  • One representative (appointed by the Vice President) from each of the five Policy Committees established under the bylaws: Wildlife, Fisheries, Shooting & Ranges, Parks & Trails, and Youth & Education

To view your Region Representatives on the MUCC Conservation Policy Board view here.

The MUCC Conservation Policy Board has quarterly meetings that are intended to represent significant organizational outreach, member engagement and leadership recruitment opportunities. This board is responsible for the conservation policy process of the organization, including debating and moving policy resolutions for consideration at MUCC’s Annual Convention.

March 2021 MUCC Conservation Policy Board meeting

The meeting will be taking place via Zoom on Saturday, March 13 at 10:30 am. Contact Ian FitzGerald at for the Zoom link.

03/13/2021 Meeting agenda

December 2020 Meeting Minutes

DRAFT 2021 March Meeting Minutes

2021 Policy Resolution Process (Proposed resolutions leading up to the 2021 Annual Convention)

Resolutions awaiting action before the MUCC Conservation Policy Board

Next chance for proposed resolution submission is at the September 2021 CPB meeting.

Resolutions passed by the MUCC Conservation Policy Board heading to the 2021 Annual Convention

2020 Proposed Resolution that did not pass at the MUCC Annual Convention (held virtually)

Interim Resolution Trotlines and Juglines - MUCC Fisheries Committee

Pike Size Limit #A - Steve Dey and Gary Gorniak

Mother's Day Free Fishing #B - Patrick Hogan and Tim Muir Jr.

Low or no cost CWD Testing #D - Erik Schnelle 

Substitute Resolution #A - Pike Size Limit - Steve Dey and Gary Gorniak

Proposed Resolution #E - Citizen Science Data Collection - Mark Hergenreder

Proposed Resolution #G - Establishment of a Perch Season in MUCC Region 3 - Tom Hossack (passed with amendments not listed here)