Henry Big Boy Rifle Sweepstakes

Don’t miss out on the chance to win a custom engraved 85th Anniversary Henry Big Boy rifle. This .44 mag is 1 of 5 and can be yours by joining MUCC today. Custom engraved with the MUCC 85th Anniversary logo, you can have a piece of history by joining Michigan’s Conservation movement.

As the nation’s largest, most successful, statewide conservation organization MUCC needs your help to protect Michigan’s natural resources while education the next generation for conservation stewards. Through our Henry Big Boy Rifle sweepstakes, we are doing just that. The easiest way to enter to win is by joining MUCC today! Depending on your membership choice, you can get multiple entries into the sweepstakes (maximum 10 entries per person). If you are already a member, make a donation to MUCC and get your entries by protecting our right to hunt, fish and trap. See the table below for all the entry methods. For donation entries, make sure you select the Henry Big Boy Sweepstakes campaign.

Entry Options

Number of Entries

1 Year Membership (new, extended or renewed)


2 Year Membership (new, extended or renewed)


Senior Life Membership (new or upgraded)


Life Membership (new or upgraded)


Club Member Magazine Upgrade (must be active member of an affiliated club)


Donation of $35 or more

1 entry per $35 donated

Join MUCC today.

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Donation entries are available as well.

For more information, download the Official Rules – 85th Henry Sweepstake Rules 2022-2023

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