July 9th Harley Ensign BAS Shoreline Clean-Up

On Saturday, July 9th MUCC’s OTG program, Clinton River Watershed Council and Lake St Clair Walleye Association will be at the Harley Ensign Boating Access Site cleaning up the shoreline. This will be a very exciting event full of special guests. The United States Power Squadron will be giving a boating safety demonstration and performing boat safety checks. Followed by a representative from the Clinton River Watershed Council who will give a presentation on the restoration initiatives going on in the area. Commonly the Clinton River Watershed Council hosts clean-up events in the area and MUCC is excited to join them in the tradition.

This event impacts more than the BAS. Trash removal makes a world of difference for the surrounding community.

The Harley Ensign Boating Access Site is not just a boat launch. This is the location where the Huron River flows into Lake St Clair. Unfortunately, trash tends to collect at the mouths of rivers. Trash removal not only improves the aesthetic value of an area but also improves wildlife health and water quality. Also removing the trash at Lake St Clair positively impacts the neighboring Lake Erie and Lake Huron by preventing the spread of pollution.

Many people enjoy recreational activities on Lake St Clair, including fishing, swimming, boating, paddle sports, wildlife viewing and more. The purpose of clean-up events is to maintain the quality of these experiences while helping the surrounding area.

Come join us in promoting clean water, great fish and great lakes.

Food and a volunteer gift will be provided to registered volunteers. To register and learn more about the event, click HERE.

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