September NRC Recap

July NRC Preview

The July Natural Resources Commission (NRC) meeting has no orders for commissioner action.

The meeting at Lansing Community College West Campus is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. on Thursday, July 13. 

Acting Department of Natural Resources Director Shannon Lott has three orders up for action:

  • Land Use Order of the Director #2 of 2023 prohibits target shooting at the Cornish State Game Area, Dr. Gordon Guyer Augusta Creek State Wildlife Area, and Three Rivers State Game Area. 
  • Land Use Order of the Director #3 of 2023 proposes a series of changes to parks and recreation division lands.The Board of Geographic Names voted to replace a number of offensive site names with new names identified by the board. The names can be found in Orders 2.105(aa), 2.106(w), 2.108(v) and 5.19(t)(v).
  • Land Use Order of the Director #4 of 2023 makes the Belle Isle alcohol prohibition consistent with other Parks and Recreation Division facilities. 

The director’s report consists of an award presentation to the hunter’s safety instructor of the year, followed by a presentation by the Michigan Wildlife Council. 

There are six land transactions on the agenda. MUCC reviews land transactions that exceed 80 acres, of which there are two:

  • Land Transaction Case #20220205 is a Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund (MNRTF) acquisition of 404 acres in Otsego County that will be managed as part of the Pigeon River Country State Forest. 
  • Land Transaction Case #20220237 is an acquisition of 107.5 acres that will be managed as part of the Shiawassee State Game Area. 

Though not 80 acres, it is worth noting that Land Transaction Case #20220225 is a 65.5 acre MNRTF acquisition that will be managed as part of the Portland State Game Area.

Preceding the meeting of the whole, the fisheries committee will see a trio of presentations from the DNR. 

Matt Dianda will be presenting the Inland Pike and Muskie Management Plan, Jeff Jolley will present the Saginaw River Spring Walleye Creel and lastly, Dr. Seth Herbst will present the Public Perception Survey on Steelhead.

MUCC will be streaming the meeting on our facebook page as technology allows. 

To ensure our natural resources remain protected and managed thoughtfully and our outdoor heritage defended, join Michigan United Conservation Clubs today:  


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