June NRC Recap

June 2023 NRC Recap

The commission set deer regulations for the 2023-2025 seasons at the June NRC meeting with public comment and amendments taking up much of the meeting.

At the May Natural Resources Commission (NRC) meeting, Wildlife Conservation Order #7 of 2023 was up for information. The order regulates white-tailed deer hunting in Michigan and has been an ongoing order in front of the commission each year.

In total, nine commissioner amendments were offered to the proposed deer regulations. The meeting took place today at the Ralph A. MacMullan Conference Center in Roscommon. More than 20 members of the public provided testimony.

Commissioners passed WCO #7 with amendments 6 and 7 on a 5-1 vote. Votes on each individual amendment are below:

Commissioners made it clear that this is not the end of discussions involving broad deer regulations, with a commitment to continue the discussion off the regulatory cycle. 

Commissioners also acted on Wildlife Conservation Order #5 of 2023, after adopting a substitute order from the May meeting and Commissioner Dave Anthony’s amendment

The order now includes language allowing for off-lead tracking without the use of GPS, removes the concealed pistol license requirement and removes the prohibition of dogs barking on public land. 

The new language requires trackers to receive a biannual permit from the DNR to meet the qualifications to track off-lead. The tracker also is required to be able to demonstrate knowledge of the dogs location and some form of control of the dog, which includes the use of voice commands.

MUCC supports the use of off-lead tracking by qualified trackers. While this order is a step in the right direction per our grassroots policy, we would support a training requirement for dog and tracker and the CPL requirement. 

For the director this month was the State Land Review Recommendations for group seven, which includes: Cheboygan, Crawford, Eaton, Ingham, Jackson, Kalkaska, Missaukee, Muskegon, Osceola, Otsego, and Ottawa counties. 

There were four land transactions on the agenda for acting DNR Director Shannon Lott. MUCC reviews all transactions exceeding 80 acres, of which there are two. Land Transaction Case #20230025 is an acquisition of 140 acres of private land. Land Transaction Case #20230062 is a gift of 80 acres of private land. 

The director also had for action a May 2, 2023 Oil and Gas Lease Auction Results.

Up for information for the director was a trio of land use orders. Land Use Order of the Director #2 of 2023 prohibits target shooting at the Cornish State Game Area, Dr. Gordon Guyer Augusta Creek State Wildlife Area, and Three Rivers State Game Area. 

Land Use Order of the Director #3 of 2023 proposes a series of changes to parks and recreation division lands.

The Board of Geographic Names voted to replace a number of offensive site names with new names identified by the board. The names can be found in Orders 2.105(aa), 2.106(w), 2.108(v) and 5.19(t)(v).

Land Use Order of the Director #4 of 2023 makes the Belle Isle alcohol prohibition consistent with other Parks and Recreation Division facilities. 

Prior to the committee of the whole Dr. Seth Herbst from DNR Fisheries Division gave a presentation on upcoming fisheries orders. These orders are set to be introduced in August and September

The committee of the whole saw a presentation from DNR Deer and Elk Specialist Chad Stewart on moose survey results.

The next meeting is Thursday, July 13, at Lansing Community College West. 

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