June 2024 NRC Recap

June 2024 NRC Recap

Over 30 people spoke on proposed deer regulations at the June Natural Resources Commission (NRC) meeting.  

The commissioners are considering Wildlife Conservation Order #6 of 2024, containing 25 separate proposals, 18 of which could go into effect for the 2024 hunting season.  

Many of the proposals result from the Deer Management Initiative (DMI) workgroup that met over several months from March to May to develop regulatory and non-regulatory proposals relating to deer management in the state.  

Chad Stewart, Michigan Deer and Elk Specialist, who facilitated the DMI on behalf of the department recorded a presentation on the DMI and its recommendations.   

As part of the decision-making process on the proposals, the commission is hosting a working session on June 26th at Treetops Resort. The public is welcome to attend, and MUCC will be streaming the meeting on our Facebook page.   

The meeting is different than a normal commission meeting, there will be some opportunity for public comment, but it will be limited and at the discretion of the chair.  

MUCC provided both written and spoken comments to the commission.   

There was one proposed amendment to the order.  

Commissioner Nyberg requested an amendment to the order which would reinstate the year-round coyote hunting season, which the commission closed at their March meeting, prompting a lawsuit from MUCC and the Michigan Trappers and Predator Callers.  

Commissioner Nyberg requested the amendment after the UP DMI included the recommendation to reinstate year-round coyote hunting in their regulatory package. 

The order, the Nyberg amendment, and any further amendments the commission requests are all eligible for action in July. They are part of the discussion at the work session.   

Up for information was Land Use Order of the Director #4 of 2024, which regulates E-bikes on certain state lands.   

More information on all the orders on the agenda can be found in our preview HERE.   

Wildlife Conservation Order #5 of 2024 was up for information, this order sets up a voluntary electronic kill tag system for the fall turkey season.   

The only order up for action was Land Use Order of the Director #3 of 2024, which sets new rules for dispersed camping at Stoddard’s Landing.   

The next meeting is Thursday, July 11at Lansing Community College West Campus.   

To ensure our natural resources remain protected and managed thoughtfully and our outdoor heritage defended, join Michigan United Conservation Clubs today: http://bit.ly/JoinMUCC.     


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