The author holds a Bowfin fish.

Meet MUCC’s Newest Policy Intern, Madison Haddock


Hey everyone! I’m Madison Haddock, the new Policy Intern for the summer of 2024. I’m passionate about conservation and also enjoy hiking, birdwatching, fishing, camping with friends and family, and creating wildlife illustrations. My primary goal is to explore a variety of regions, observe new wildlife, and embrace different ways to partake in conservation. I’m excited to embark on new adventures!


The image shows a sunset over Lake Michigan at Oval Beach, Saugatuck, Michigan.

Sunset at Oval Beach in Saugatuck, Michigan; taken by the author.

Coming from the rolling dunes of Saugatuck, Michigan, I’ve grown up appreciating the natural resources around our great lakes. I can’t imagine a world where one can’t enjoy natural pleasantries such as the evening sun glistening on the scales of leaping fish, the excitement of a Labrador retriever waiting to fetch fallen ducks or even the ghostly call of a loon over a misty lake. This has led me to major in Fisheries and Wildlife at Michigan State University where I learn how we manage our resources in the United States and beyond. I’m part of MSU’s Fisheries and Wildlife Club and partook in the Residential Initiative for Sustainability and the Environment, a project-based program meant to gear students for a successful sustainability-oriented career. Both have been helpful opportunities.

The author and her dog are standing on the pier of Wick's Park in downtown Saugatuck, Michigan; where the author lives.

The author and her Norwegian Elkhound, Ryder.


Appreciation for the natural world comes in different forms and everyone has unique ways of spending time outside. Knowing this, my mission as an intern at MUCC is to contribute to responsibly safeguarding these natural resources for generations to come. I’m excited to make new connections and gain valuable experience with MUCC!

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