March 2023 NRC Preview

Bear regulations and license quotas are up for action at the March Natural Resources Commission (NRC) meeting.

The meeting will be held at 9 a.m. at Shanty Creek Resort in Bellaire and will be preceded by Coffee with Commissioners at 8 a.m. 

There are 11 proposed action items and one technical change listed in the Wildlife Conservation Order #2 of 2023 which will be up for action at the meeting. More information on these proposed changes can be found in MUCC’s February NRC Recap

Wildlife Conservation Order #5 of 2023 would allow big game dog trackers to track off lead if the dog has a GPS collar and is under some form of control (shock, vibrate, etc.)

MUCC supports off-lead tracking with dogs for the purposes of recovering already wounded legally hunted big game. This issue is being further debated by our membership. 

Wildlife Conservation Order #4 of 2023 sets season dates and bag limits for waterfowl seasons in 2023. 

MUCC reviews all land transactions exceeding 80 acres. Of the five land transactions on the agenda, two exceed this threshold: Land Transaction #20220117 consists of 242 acres of state forest in Ogemaw County and is almost completely surrounded by private land. The sale price has yet to be determined. Land Transaction #20210251, “The Anderson Sawmill Tract,” makes up 160 acres of Keweenaw County. For $185,000.00, Keweenaw Community Forest Company will purchase the parcel from Anderson Sawmill Manufacturing, Inc. and the state will purchase the land from Keweenaw Community Forest Company.

Wildlife Conservation Order #3 of 2023 was enacted with a three-year sunset that expires this week. After an evaluation of the electronic trap monitors, the Law Enforcement Division (LED) recommends reauthorizing the regulation. 

Commissioners will receive a presentation on dog tracking from the LED and on urban deer management from Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Deer and Elk Specialist Chad Stewart.

MUCC will be streaming the meeting on our Facebook page as technology allows. 

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