May TRACKS- Print and Digital

We here at MUCC are dedicated to doing our best to continue to do our work for conservation as we adapt to the changes around the nation. In an attempt to continue to provide science-based education to our schools and homes around the state, we have made a change to the distribution of TRACKS Magazine. With schools closed through the remainder of the school year, but teachers still in need of content, we are providing a hybrid distribution model this month. With a subscription rate of about 13,000 readers with more than 12,000 of those issues going to classrooms, we are hoping to serve our clubs, teachers and their students in the short term by taking this approach.

For May, we have decided to print hard copies of TRACKS for teachers to be able to send home as part of the packets many school districts are using and we will make a version available through e-mail for those districts with a digital preference.

 If you would like to download the issue to distribute to your students, please reach out to Editor Shaun McKeon ( and he can send you a PDF version of the magazine.

This month’s issue is all about lake sturgeon. Your children and students will have the opportunity to learn about this long-lived fish, some of the struggles the species has faced and some of the success biologists have had to increase their populations.

This is the last issue for the 2019-2020 school year. We hope your students and families enjoyed learning about that Great Lakes wildlife and we look forward to you joining us again in October for the 43rd year of TRACKS. If you have any questions, please reach out to Shaun McKeon, MUCC Education Director/TRACKS Editor, and he will do his best to assist you and your classroom. Once again the email is

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