MUCC Commissions Five Firearms to Celebrate 85th Anniversary

In honor of MUCC’s 85th anniversary, we have commissioned a series of firearms. We will be raffling each firearm separately throughout the year. In partnership with Centershot Gun Range, we have custom-designed five Henry Big Boy .44 Mag rifles. They are customized to commemorate the 85 years MUCC has been protecting hunting, fishing and trapping in Michigan.

These five guns will be raffled to raise funds to continue our work in Lansing to protect hunting fishing and trapping, to continue to educate youth and implement habitat improvement projects throughout the state.

There will be multiple chances to get into the raffles. Each gun is marked 1 of 5 and will be raffled at different times throughout the year. The first chance to win will be held at MUCC’s annual convention. Tickets will be sold on Friday and Saturday during our convention weekend. Tickets will be $20 each.

If you are unable to make it to the convention, there will be a chance to purchase tickets for the remaining four guns at other MUCC events throughout the year including the Detroit Fishing show, Outdoorama and the Ultimate Sportshow Grand Rapids.

We would like to thank Centershot Gun Range for creating these beautiful firearms and are looking forward to using the money raised to continue to protect hunting, fishing and trapping for future generations in Michigan.

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  1. Mark Hittle on June 15, 2022 at 5:57 pm

    So, if an individual is unable to make it to your events you are disqualified from being involved in the limited 44 mag raffle??
    It seems to me that you would be willing to allow an online purchase as well and put more $$ in your coffers…

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