November 2023 NRC Recap

November 2023 NRC Recap

Commissioners adopted an amended version of the Nyberg Amendment, changing the bag limit for steelhead on 11 streams across Michigan. 

In addition to lowering the bag limit on certain streams, the adopted amendment to Fisheries Order 200.23A clarified boundaries to streams in the amendment and removed immediate effect. The amended order, as passed, will now take effect April 1, 2024. 

MUCC’s executive board passed an emergency resolution opposing the Nyberg Amendment at its November meeting. In MUCC’s preview of the November NRC meeting.

MUCC Policy Assistant Justin Tomei said changing bag limits so soon after the 2021 amendments is inappropriate. 

“Lowering the steelhead bag limit immediately after sunsetting the 2021 regulation does not give biologists time to measure the impacts to the fishery. Allowing the existing sunset to continue, and reassessing as it approaches is a more prudent course of action,” Tomei said. “The biologists we trust to make these decisions have said this proposed regulation change will have a minimal, if any, impact on population decline due to high levels of catch and release fishing already taking place. ” 

The Nyberg amendment to Fisheries Order 200.23A was adopted on a unanimous vote, and the full order was adopted unanimously. 

MUCC remains committed to the sound scientific management of all its species and will continue its work to ensure the NRC follows its charge, said Tomei.

“While MUCC feels this move was not a prudent course of action at this time, we will continue to fight for the sound scientific management of all of Michigan’s species,” said Tomei. “Our work marches on, and we will continue to monitor the effects of this new regulation and pursue improvements as required.”

There were three Land Use Orders of the Director approved:

MUCC reviews land transactions exceeding 80 acres, of which there was one. Land Transaction Case #20230060 is an acquisition of 120 acres currently surrounded by state-owned land. 

There were no new orders up for the commission.

The next meeting is Thursday, December 14, 2023, at Lansing Community College West Campus.

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