On the Ground: Spring Field Season Launches this Weekend

MUCC’s award-winning On the Ground (OTG) wildlife habitat improvement program launches its 2021 spring field season this weekend in Harrison. Volunteers with the OTG program will be improving small game habitat on public land near Harrison by building brush piles.

Brush piles are a critical component of quality small game habitat, and volunteers with the OTG program have contributed countless weekend hours across the Lower Peninsula building what we call “rabbitat” (rabbit habitat). Despite the name, these brush piles also benefit other small game like ruffed grouse and squirrels while benefiting an abundance of other wildlife as well. These brush piles can provide immediate shelter from predators or inclement weather, and serve as a location for nests and dens.

To learn more about this event or register to attend, please click HERE.

OTG volunteers plant a native fruit-bearing tree within the Backus Creek State Game Area during MUCC’s 2019 Annual Convention project in June of that year.

Looking ahead to the rest of March and into April, the OTG program has two more volunteer events planned.

On Saturday, March 27, OTG will be in Kalkaska improving more habitat for small game on public land. In addition to building brush piles, volunteers will also be improving natural openings and edge feathering to provide enhanced habitat for species like woodcock, ruffed grouse, rabbits/hare and white-tailed deer. To learn more about this event or register to attend, please click HERE.

Finally, the OTG program has partnered with the Robert J. Lytle Chapter of the Ruffed Grouse Society to plant 300 oak trees in the Minden City State Game Area on Saturday, April 24. These hard mast-producing trees will benefit a variety of wildlife including ruffed grouse, wild turkey and white-tailed deer.  To learn more about this event or register to attend, please click HERE.

All registered volunteers will receive a free lunch and an OTG t-shirt.

Consider attending one of these volunteer events, and monitor the OTG webpage and MUCC social media for updates about the OTG program and where future habitat events will be hosted.

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