Upcoming OTW event with Bay Mills Indian Community

Volunteering with the OTW program is a rewarding and fun way to give back to your natural resources while taking care of the watershed you enjoy. Our projects are hosted all across Michigan, and we have hosted volunteer events from the Upper Peninsula to the suburbs of Detroit. The OTW program gives individuals the opportunity to directly enhance aquatic habitat and local watersheds like streams, lakes and wetlands.

This upcoming Thursday, October 15 OTW is teaming up with Bay Mills Indian Community to clean up the local watershed surrounding this community starting at 11:30 am at the Bay Mills Farmers Market Pavillion. This is the last event of OTW’s 2020 field season, don’t delay sign up today! This is your last chance to volunteer through OTW to make an impact in the community and local watershed.

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Currently, MUCC is seeking large scale funding to continue our On the Water Program through 2021. Collaborators on this project will continue to assist in fund development and letters of support for future grant applications.  Project partners have also established a foundation of collaboration and understanding between agencies, which bodes well for work on future projects in the region.

If future funding does not materialize due to the current funding climate, the OTW program will leave behind a positive lasting impact on the watersheds and communities. The environment and natural resources of Michigan will still have long-term ecological benefits from the completion of this project and the overall program.

If you have questions or comments about the event, please contact Emma Nehan at enehan@mucc.org.

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