The image shows a Walleye, the target species of the Midwest Walleye Challenge.

Cast for Conservation with the Midwest Walleye Challenge

Calling all anglers! Support fisheries research, reel in exciting prizes, and explore the beauty of Midwest waters by diving into the Midwest Walleye Challenge!

Last week, in a press release, the Michigan DNR highlighted the Midwest Walleye Challenge. 

The DNR is partnering with Angler’s Atlas to host this walleye fishing challenge. It occurs through June 30, the perfect time for summer fun. In addition, this challenge is included in a worldwide fisheries research initiative, funded by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.

According to the DNR, participants will download a mobile app called MyCatch to enter catch info. Subsequently, they place catches alongside a measuring device and photograph them for photo submissions. The information helps researchers “learn whether [their] walleye stocking efforts are resulting in successful trips for anglers,” (MDNR, 2024). 

In the DNR press release, Seth Herbst, manager of the Fisheries Division’s Research Station, said the goal is to collect helpful data about Walleye. Collecting and studying Walleye data allows management to keep their population stable.

“We’re interested to see what new information we can learn from Midwest Walleye Challenge participation,” said Herbst. “The challenge provides a unique opportunity to supplement our survey data and have a better understanding of the status of walleye populations throughout the state.”

Moreover, those interested can visit the event page and create an Angler’s Atlas account to register. After registering, follow the instructions on the Rules tab to submit photos of your catches and get on the leaderboard.

Any questions regarding the event should go to Happy fishing!

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