Winners of OTW’s MI Invasive Species Bingo Game!

MUCC’s On the Water program launched its Virtual Mi Invasive Species Bingo Game for the month of April! And it was a great success gaining traction on Michigan Out of Doors Podcast with Mike Avery, WHMI 93.5, and the Detroit Free Press. OTW was impressed by the number of entries we received and the great work we were able to complete across Michigan. Your good stewardship and volunteerism are appreciated!

Thank you to the following winners, we hope you enjoy your OTW swag bags!

Sarah from Ortonville

Wayne from Stevensville

Melissa from Westland

Hunter from Ypsilanti

Phil from Stevensville

Carol from St. Joseph

Nancy from Otsego

Bryan and Michelle from Tecumseh

MUCC’s On the Water Virtual Mi Invasive Species Bingo Game gave families and individuals a chance to get outside and to learn some new invasive species in their community. This challenge was hosted by the OTW program to continue to encourage public engagement in the outdoors despite the cancellation of OTW watershed improvement events due to COVID-19. For more information about the OTW program and how to get involved, please visit

The OTW program is made possible through Consumers Energy Planet Grant Foundation and this grant comes to an end this September. If you like what OTW is creating and want this program to continue please let us know! OTW unquestionably wants to advance as a program, connect and form partnerships that improve watersheds around the state of Michigan, but we can’t do this without your support.

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