October Volunteer Events

Countless amazing volunteers have joined the OTG program to improve habitat across Michigan allowing the On the Ground Program to celebrate many successful events of the fiscal year. With the help of over 500 volunteers, 22 projects affecting recreation, habitat availability, and wildlife health improved Michigan’s outdoor areas.  Even though the fiscal year is complete, there are still opportunities to contribute to an OTG volunteer event. Below are two projects occurring in October.

On October 22, the OTG program and the Land Ethics LLC are holding a tree planting and brush pile building event in Kalkaska County. By planting mast-producing trees, this project provides continuous food and shelter for wildlife in the upcoming seasons. Volunteer and enjoy the fall colors while improving wildlife habitat. To learn more about the event click HERE.

On October 29, with the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute, the OTG program will be removing invasive plants in Hastings MI. The project area supports many reptile species, including the eastern box turtle and federally listed eastern massasauga rattlesnake. Unfortunately, invasive autumn olive is encroaching on important nesting and breeding habitat. Help support Michigan reptiles by preserving their essential habitat. To learn more about the event click, HERE.

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