Mast-Producing Tree Planting and Brush Pile Assembly in Kalkaska County

Oct 22, 2022 10:00AM—1:00PM


Oliver Township, Kalkaska County


Join MUCC’s On the Ground (OTG) program in partnership with Land Ethics, LLC as we plant mast-producing trees and construct brush piles in the Traverse City Forest Management Unit, Camp Grayling Parcel in Kalkaska County. Volunteers are needed on Saturday, October 22, 2022 from 10am-1pm. Lunch and all necessary equipment will be provided!

About the project: We will be planting mast-producing trees which produce fruits, seeds, or nuts that act as an important source of sustenance for a wide variety of Michigan wildlife. Some common masting trees that are often maintained for wildlife habitat in Michigan include oak, crabapple, hazelnut, and serviceberry. These masting trees will provide a consistent food source for wildlife in the form of seeds, fruits, nuts and buds. Mast is a particularly important component of healthy wildlife habitat in fall and winter when other food sources become scarce and wildlife need to prepare for a long, cold winter. Not only will these trees provide nutrients to wildlife like deer and turkeys, but they will also serve as year-round cover and nesting habitat for a variety of wildlife like songbirds and small mammals.

We will also be constructing brush piles using downed limbs, logs and brush. Brush piles are an excellent addition to forest and grassland habitats because these structures are multifaceted in their benefits to wildlife. They provide small mammals with a safe place to hide from aerial predators like hawks and falcons. They also act as a good habitat for ground nesting species like rabbits and even some reptiles like the common garter snake! If constructed with limbs and branches still containing green vegetation, they can also act as a food source for browsing species like white-tailed deer.

Meeting location: Volunteers will meet at the pull-off east off Sunset Trail SE, about 2.5 miles south of the intersection with Hwy 72 in Oliver Township (Kalkaska County). This land is part of the Traverse City Forest Management Unit, Camp Grayling Parcel. 

Come out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather and scenery of the Northwoods while improving wildlife habitat with fellow conservationists! Please register for this event through the link provided above. Registration will close at 5pm on Wednesday, October 19.