An Idea Turned Law – The MUCC Grassroots Policy Process

Written by Ian FitzGerald, MUCC Policy Assistant

It is with great pride and joy that I notify you of a 2016 MUCC resolution that was passed into law at the November Natural Resources Commission (NRC) meeting.  The rule amended the spring turkey hunting regulations to allow for a Saturday opener on the second to last Saturday in April on both public and private lands statewide and for each subsequent season. For reference, the spring turkey hunting regulations are considered on a three-year cycle.

A resolution urging MUCC to advocate for a Saturday opener was passed at Annual Convention in 2016, and we tried to urge the NRC that fall for a change in the regulations. We were unsuccessful. Three years later, we still had this issue on our minds. I testified last month before the commission urging for consideration of a Saturday opener which would provide greater opportunity for hunters. After talking with commissioners and realizing no biological impact, the NRC amended the regulations to include a Saturday opener last week. 

An MUCC resolution starts with your idea. Your idea such as increasing hunter access, opportunity, safety or satisfaction. That resolution is then taken to Conservation Policy Board meetings where a body of members and MUCC representatives from around the state debate and vote on the resolution. If passed, the resolution makes it on to our MUCC Annual Convention which will be held in Sault Ste. Marie June 26-28, 2020. If passed, this resolution becomes MUCC policy and we go to work on your behalf at the NRC, in the Michigan Legislature or on Capitol Hill.

Currently, there are vacancies on the Conservation Policy Board. Regions one (western Upper Peninsula), two (eastern Upper Peninsula), three (northwest Lower Peninsula) and four (northeast Lower Peninsula) have open board positions. The entire policy board will be up for election in June of 2020. If you are interested in the policymaking process and would like to serve as a Conservation Policy Board member, please contact me. 

The next Conservation Policy Board meeting is on Dec. 7 at Hillsdale County Conservation Club. Register here. Hillsdale County Conservation Club is located at 3835 Bird Lake Rd S, Osseo, MI 49266. Lunch is at noon and the committee meeting starts at 12:30 p.m. MUCC members and the public are welcomed and encouraged to attend. 

If you have a resolution that you would like to submit or have more questions about our grassroots policy, please contact me at

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