OTG Public Land Clean-Up Challenge

Our On the Ground (OTG) program launched a virtual public land clean-up last week on April 2, 2020 that includes all state game areas (SGA), wildlife management/viewing areas and Grouse Enhanced Management Sites (GEMS). The goal is to encourage land-users to leave their public land better than they found it and give them a chance to give back to their natural resources amid all of the volunteer event cancellations that we would normally host this time of year.

Those out recreating on their local public land are encouraged to pick-up trash and/or report any invasive species on the Midwest Invasive Species Information Network (MISIN) app. Whether you’re out running dogs, shed hunting, scouting your next hunting spot or just enjoying the outdoors, this is a great opportunity to get involved and do some good.

All participants of the clean-up challenge are asked to follow state and federal social distancing guidelines. Please visit the DNR COVID-19 Information Page to learn more about such rules and how to recreate responsibly.

We’ve already had great submissions that range from the northwest at the Haymarsh Lake SGA to the southeast at the Petersburg SGA, and we can’t wait to see how much public land we can positively impact over the next few weeks. If you would like to get involved, check out the simple guidelines below or visit the full information page HERE. It’s fun and easy to participate, and everyone who enters will be given a chance to win one of two $50 Cabela’s gift cards.

How to Enter to Win A $50 Cabela’s Gift Card

  • Take a photo (or multiple) of your state game area/wildlife viewing area clean-up efforts.
  • Like the OTG Facebook page.
  • Share your photos and a brief explanation of why you participated and what state game area/wildlife viewing area you improved to the OTG Facebook page or via email to MUCC Habitat Volunteer Coordinator Makhayla LaButte at mlabutte@mucc.org.
  • Two winners will be randomly drawn on May 1, 2020. Winners will be announced via email and the OTG Facebook page (date TBD).
  • Each winner will receive a $50 Cabela’s gift card.

Enjoy recreating safely! Please contact MUCC Habitat Volunteer Coordinator Makhayla LaButte at mlabutte@mucc.org with any questions regarding this initiative.


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