September NRC Recap

The Natural Resources Commission (NRC) passed three fisheries orders at its September meeting Thursday. The fourth order up for action, Fisheries Order 206.23 was tabled to get more public input from Upper Peninsula residents at the October meeting. 

The orders mostly changed regulations for some warm water species and waters, and addressed some spawning closures. More in-depth summaries can be found in our blog previewing the August NRC meeting.

There were also a trio of fisheries orders relating to coldwater species up for information this month, including changing the definition of an artificial fly. In-depth breakdowns of these orders can be found in our September NRC preview here.

Michigan United Conservation Clubs Policy Assistant Justin Tomei said the organization does not have policy on most of the fisheries orders, but there has been interest among a policy committee to consider the definition of an artificial fly.

While there were no director’s orders under old business this month, there were a pair of land use orders up for information: one was proposed regulations at the new Crystal Waters State Game Area and the second proposing regulations for the Silver Lake State Park ORV area

Initially, the Crystal Waters order contained a provision allowing only the use of non-toxic shot within the game area, but that provision was removed without notice.

MUCC has a 2018 policy asking the organization to educate the hunting and conservation public on the uses of non-toxic alternatives where practical and available.

“There is no benefit to adding more lead to the environment,” Tomei said. “Non-toxic alternatives exist and their efficacy and efficiency have increased dramatically over recent years. It is our duty as conservationists to protect our natural resources.”

Nine land transactions were on the agenda. MUCC only reviews land transactions exceeding 80 acres, of which there was one. Land Transaction Case #20200154 is the only transaction meeting that threshold. It is an acquisition of 200 acres that is adjacent to state land on two sides.

During the fisheries committee meeting, commissioners saw presentations from Jay Wesley and Jory Jonas, both from DNR Fisheries Division, regarding wild vs stocked fish as well as wild vs. stocked steelhead

Michigan Trout Unlimited Director Bryan Burroughs  provided a presentation on the organization’s policy regarding splake stocking in Lake Superior

Following the Fisheries Committee the Wildlife Committee saw a presentation on the trends on methods and manner of take from Lt. Jason Wicklund from Law Enforcement Division, and Sara Thompson of Wildlife Division. 

The October NRC meeting will be at Northern Michigan University. The meeting will be Thursday October 13 at 1401 Presque Isle Avenue in Marquette. MUCC will be streaming the meeting on our Facebook page as technology allows. 

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