The Great Volunteers at the Harley Ensign BAS Clean-Up

On Saturday, July 9th, 15 volunteers along with MUCC’s OTG program, the Lake St. Clair Walleye Association, Clinton River Watershed Council and the United States Power Squadron cleaned up the shorelines of the Harley Ensign Boating Access Site. In total removing 1 tire, 1 chair, 2 buckets, 1 bench cover, and 6 bags of trash. Roughly weighing 150lbs. This would not have been done without the help of the amazing volunteers.

The day wasn’t all work. From 9 am-11 am the group removed trash from the parking lot and shorelines of the boating access site. Afterward, the United States Power Squadron presented boating safety measures. A volunteer offered his boat to be checked and the squadron went through proper safety techniques and maintenance. The Clinton River Watershed Council talked about current restoration practices occurring in the area and how volunteers can get involved. Other ways to get involved are through the citizen science days, for more information on events with the Clinton River Watershed Council, click HERE.

Clean-up events drastically improve the surrounding area. By improving water quality, wildlife health, and aesthetics. Trash removal at the Harley Ensign BAS ensured the removed pollution would not float into other waterways. Positively affecting Lake St. Clair and the bordering Great Lakes.

If you would like to join MUCC at a future event, click HERE for more opportunities.

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