Upcoming OTW event with Bay Mills Indian Community

Volunteering with the OTW program is a rewarding and fun way to give back to your natural resources while taking care of the watershed you enjoy. Our projects are hosted all across Michigan, and we have hosted volunteer events from the Upper Peninsula to the suburbs of Detroit. The OTW program gives individuals the opportunity to directly enhance aquatic habitat and local watersheds like streams, lakes and wetlands.

On the Water is funded through a Consumers Energy Foundation Planet Grant. And was recently featured as one of their hometown stories! You can read the full article here.

Bay Mills Indian Communities mission statement is “Through our business operations, we aim to conserve our common property, develop our common resources, promote the welfare, self-sustainability, and progress of ourselves, and our descendants” by OTW partnering with Bay Mills Indian Community we are participating in making this mission statement a reality. Conserving our natural common resources and promoting sustainability will help out the local community. 

On Thursday, October 15 volunteers will gather at the Bay Mills Farmers Market Pravillion at 11:30 am and then be separated into groups to gather and remove garbage from the surrounding watershed. 

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MUCC thanks the Consumers Energy Foundation for its dedication to conservation and willingness to reach broad user groups through freshwater cleanups. To check out all future OTW events here

If you have questions or comments about the event, please contact Emma Nehan at enehan@mucc.org.

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